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Name: Sesshomaru
Age: +500 years but looks around 19 in human years
Father: Inutaisho
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Inuyasha(half-brother)
Eye color: Amber/Gold
Hair Color: Silver
Likes: Rin, Jaken, Power
Dislikes: Humans, Inuyasha, Hanyous, Weaknesses


Sesshomaru is over 500 years old in the Inuyasha series. He was born a full blooded youkai. His father is the great dog-demon Inutaisho. Sesshomaru's mother is never mentioned in the anime. Sesshomaru is the last full blood in the long line of powerful dog-demons. His childhood is never spoken of, so we can only assume that he knew his mother and grew up happy, although judging by his attitude now, I would say that he was raised very properly and with lots of rules and regulations.  After his mother died, Inutaisho, Sesshomaru's father, fell in love with a mortal human. Sesshomaru feels that his father shamed their great bloodline by having a child with a human. Inutaisho died protecting Izayoi(Inuyasha's mother). It is questionable of how such a great demon died at the hands of a mere mortal man, Izayoi's husband. In the beginning of the series, Sesshomaru is seen as hateful towards his younger brother. Though there are reasons to doubt his "hateful" feelings towards Inuyasha, he is always threatening to kill him. Personally, I feel that if he truly meant to kill Inuyasha he would have done it a long time ago. Sesshomaru is the most powerful demon in Japan. He is the Lord of the Western Lands which he inherited from his father. Generally, Sesshomaru is hateful and merciless to the human race, but later he is saved by a homeless human child. Soon he begins to have feelings for this little girl that saved him, and after she was killed by wolf demons that invaded her village, Sesshomaru brings her back with his sword, Tensaiga. She is thereafter under his protection. Jaken is also another cohort. Jaken is some kind of toad demon that follows Lord Sesshomaru faithfully and weilds Sesshomary's 'Staff of Two Heads'. Jealous of Inuyasha weilding the Tessaiga, Sesshomaru challenged Inuyasha, but ended up losing his left arm. Later, after being used by Naraku, Sesshomaru also begins the chase after Naraku. He is closely after Naraku the rest of the series and ends up fighting along Inuyasha at some points against Naraku. Rin happens to get abducted during the chaos and Sesshomaru does all he can to find her showing that he does, in fact care. Eventually, Sesshomaru finds Naraku....