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Inutaisho, Sesshomaru, & Inuyasha with some pics of Inuyasha's mother

Inutaisho is the name of Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's father. He was the Lord of the Western lands and married a youkai to begin with. After she passed away, he fell in love with a mortal named Izayoi. Sesshomaru disliked humans and hated his father for having his little brother with one. Sesshomaru's main goal throughout the series has been to gain more power. One time after being injured serverely by Inuyasha, he was taken care of by a homeless human girl, Rin. Later killed by wolf demons that attacked her village, Sesshomaru brings her back to life with his sword, Tensaiga. After this, Rin is a loyal follower of Sesshomaru-sama and Sesshomaru himself, generally seems to care about Rin and might even Love her. So, over all, his relationship with humans improves greatly through the continuation of the series.