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Episodes 1-167

Season One Opening Theme: Change the World (1-34)
Ending Themes: My Will (1-20) & Fukai Mori (21-41)
Series Director: Masashi Ikeda
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Episode 1

Aired: 10/16/00
Toki o Koeta Shoujo to Fuuinsareta Shonen
(The Girl Who Overcame Time...and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome)
The first episode opens showing the fateful battle between Kikyo and Inuyasha over the Shikon Jewel. As a result of their battle, Kikyo lay dying and Inuyasha was stuck to a tree by one of her arrows, where he remained for 50 years. Cut to present day where we meet Kagome Higurashi, a modern 15 year old Tokyoite who lives with her family at a shrine. The shrine is built near an old well, called The Bone-Eater's Well. While looking for her younger brother, Sota, Kagome is attacked by a Centipede demon searching for the Shikon Jewel. Kagome tumbles down the well and before long realizes she is now in feudal Japan. There she meets Kaeda, Kikyo's little sister who is now an old woman (50 years have passed since the opening scene). Soon, Mistress Centipede is back looking for the Shikon Jewel that is inside of Kagome's body. She rips it from her side, but not before a very angry Inuyasha awakens from his 50 year slumber.

Episode 2 10/23/01

Shikon no Tama o Nerau Monotachi
Seekers of the Sacred Jewel
Inuyasha confuses Kagome for Kikyo, who he still harbors an extreme hatred for. He tries to take the Shikon Jewel from her, but not before Kaede steps in and places a magical rosary around his neck, causing him to crash to the ground whenever Kagome yells "sit!". With Inuyasha subdued Kagome makes her way back to the Bone-Eater's Well, but not before getting side-tracked by a possessed bandit who manages to take the Shikon Jewel from her. Inuyasha arrives just in the nick of time and pursues the crow demon who stole it, but not before one of Kagome's arrows shatters the Jewel into dozens of tiny shards.

Episode 3 10/30/00

Honekui no Ido kara Tadaima
Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again
After an arguement between Inuyasha and Kagome over his peeping at her while she was bathing, the pair decide to call it quits. Inuyasha wants to search for the Shikon Jewel alone and Kagome wants nothing more than to return home. On her way back to the well she is attacked by Yura of the Hair, a demon who is using her hair to control the villagers and make them attack Inuyasha and Kaede. Luckily for them, Kagome is able to see the strands of hair that are invisible to everyone else. Thus, Inuyasha must make amends and try to find Kagome and get her to help.

Episode 4 11/6/00

Sakasagami no Youma, Yura
Yura of the Demon-Hair
Out of nowhere Inuyasha arrives in present day Tokyo to get Kagome to return to the past with him. Immediately, Kagome notices one of Yura's hairs on Inuyasha and quickly realizes that her family could be in jeopardy if she doesn't help out. Returning to the past Inuyasha and Kagome confront Yura, and while she and Inuyasha fight, Kagome manages to locate the source of her power, a comb, and destroy it.

Episode 5 11/13/00

Senritsu no Kikoushi Sesshoumaru
Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru
Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's half brother and his servant Jaken are introduced as they search for a sword, Tessaiga (Tetsusaiga in the manga), that was left to Inuyasha by his late father. Myoga, an old flea demon watches as they search, and quickly relays the news to Inuyasha. After awhile, a carriage containing Inuyasha's mother is spotted and a demon carrying Jaken soon attacks it. After saving his mother, Inuyasha and Kagome are transported to a serene location, where Kagome quickly realizes Inuyasha's mother isn't who she appears to be.

Episode 6 11/20/00

Bukimina Buddou, Tessaiga
Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword
Kagome brings Inuyasha to his senses and they both quickly realize that his mother is actually a Nothing Woman, a collection of the spirits of mother's who have lost their children. The Nothing Woman uses her powers to find out where the entrance to Inuyasha's father's grave is, reveals it is in the Black Pearl hidden behind Inuyasha's eye. Sesshomaru quickly pulls the pearl out and steps into their father's graveyard, but soon realizes he is unable to pull the Tessaiga out. Soon there after, Kagome does it with ease.

Episode 7 11/27/00

Geki Taiketsu! Sesshoumaru vs Tessaiga
Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru
Sesshomaru is amazed that Kagome was able to remove the sword, so he talks to her for a few moments before attacking and seemingly killing her. Inuyasha begins fighting against his brother, but is shocked when he sees Kagome rising up from the bones that everyone thought was hers. She hands the sword to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru reverts to his true form to finish the battle. In the midst of battle, Inuyasha promises to protect Kagome, and the Tessaiga reacts by growing into a huge fang, which lops off Sesshomaru's left arm. Sesshomaru is left with no choice but to retreat, and Inuyasha, Kagome, and Myoga return to the village to tell Kaede about the sword. It is revealed that the Tessaiga's hidden powers will reveal themselves when it is used to protect humans.

Episode 8 12/4/00

Donosama Youkai, Tsukumo no Gama
The Toad Who Would Be Prince
Nobunaga is introduced in this episode. While swimming a monkey steals Kagome's clothes. Once she gets her clothes back, she meets the owner of the monkey, Nobunaga. Kagome and Inuyasha learn that he is on his way to meet a princess. They travel together and learn of a local lord that has been possessed. When they arrive at his castle, everyone is asleep, and Nobunaga finds his princess. The evil lord appears, and Myoga points out that it is a Tsugumo no Gama. Inuyasha rushes in to kill him, but Nobunaga stops him, because the innocent lord's mind is still intact inside the demon. Tsugumo no Gama attacks Nobunaga, and Inuyasha refuses to help. Kagome uses her hairspray and some fire to drive the demon from the lord's body. After that Inuyasha quickly dispatches it.

Episode 9 12/11/00

Shippou Toujou! Raijuu Kyodai Hiten, Manten
Enter Shippo, Plus the Amazing Thunder Brothers!
While wandering through a battlefield, a bit of foxfire appears and transforms into a large balloon shape, in an attempt to frighten Kagome and Inuyasha into giving him their Shikon shards, the demon reveals himself as Shippo, a fox demon. Shippo tells them that he needs the shards in order to become more powerful so that he can avenge his father's death at the hands of Hiten and Manten, the Thunder Brothers. Shippo travels with Kagome and Inuyasha a short distance before stealing the Shikon shards and running into the forest. There he meets Hiten and Manten, who demand that he give up the shards to them. Kagome tries to save Shippo but gets knocked out. Manten finds her very attractive and decides to take her. Shippo runs to get Inuyasha and beg for his help. When Inuyasha arrives the brothers are ready for a fight with Hiten starting off the battle with his Raigekijin.

Episode 10 12/18/00

Geki Taiketsu! Raigekijin vs Tessaiga!!
Phantom Showdown- The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga
The battle between Inuyasha and Hiten rages on, and Kagome tries to take out Manten, but to no avail. Shippo comes to her rescue and sends Manten into a rage as the last hair falls from his head. He begins punching Shippo and choking Kagome to death while Inuyasha watches. Inuyasha decides to take out Manten first and throws his Tessaiga through him, killing him. Hiten goes crazy and blasts Kagome and the Tessaiga away from Inuyasha. As his brother dies in his arms, Hiten consumes all five of the collected Shikon shards and launches another attack against Inuyasha. Hiten blasts Kagome and Shippo again, and it appears he has killed them. Inuyasha only has the Tessaiga's scabbard to protect himself, but soon the scabbard summons the sword, which Inuyasha quickly uses to finish Hiten. Inuyasha learns that Shippo's father's pelt protected Kagome and Shippo from Hiten's blast.

Episode 11 1/15/01

Gendai ni Yomigaeru, Noroi no Noumen
Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask
Kagome tells Inuyasha that due to upcoming tests, she has to go back to her own time for awhile. Taking the Shikon shards with her, she hops through the Bone Eater's Well and arrives back in her own time. Kagome's grandfather notices that the Mask of Flesh has escaped from the seals he used to keep it at bay. The mask darts around the room trying to find a body for itself and starts a fire, trapping Grandfather. The Mask is able to capture the body of a fireman and leaves in search of more bodies. Later in the night, it is drawn back to the Higurashi house and Kagome's room in particular because of the Shikon shards in her room. The Mask attacks and Kagome manages to save both the shards and Sota. As they get outside and the Mask continues to attack, Kagome tells Sota to go to the well and bring Inuyasha back. Sota does as he's asked but is unable to travel through the well. He's shocked when Inuyasha appears in front of him. Sota quickly tells Inuyasha whats going on and he's off to save Kagome, brining Sota along with him. Inuyasha arrives in time to rescue Kagome, but once the battle is over she realizes that she has her tests in a few hours and heads home to do some last minute cramming, leaving Inuyasha more than a little angry.

Episode 12 1/22/01

Tatari Mokke to Chiisaina Akuryou
Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul
While Kagome is walking home from school she sees a little girl playing a mean prank on some other children. After telling her to stop and chasing her off, the little girl is shocked that Kagome can even see her, but quickly dissapears. Inuyasha meanwhile is repairing the damage done to his scabbard by the Thunder Brothers. As he, Myoga, and Shippo wait for the repairs to finish they notice a Tatari Mokke. Myoga explains that this demon plays a flute to help recently deceased children's spirits find their way into the afterlife. As long as the Tatari Mokke's eyes are closed it is completely harmless and actually quite helpful. In the present, Kagome takes Sota to visit a friend of his in the hospital. His friend, Satoru has been in a coma ever since his apartment caught on fire. His sister Mayu died tragically in the fire because the children's mother didn't know she was in the apartment. Mayu died thinking her mother abandoned her to die alone and has been haunting her family ever since. In a fit of anger Mayu knocks her mother out and tries to kill Satoru when the Tatarimokke appears behind her with its eyes almost fully open. When its eyes do open, the demon takes children's spirits to hell. Kagome follows Mayu and recreates the moment of her death, only this time Kagome rescues her from the closet. Mayu's ghost asks her mother for forgiveness and goes on to heaven, allowing Satoru to come out of his coma.

Episode 13 1/29/01

Shingetsu no Nazo: Kurokami no Inuyasha
The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha
Hojo, Kagome's friend from school decides to ask her out and Kagome accepts. Afterwards, Kagome meets up with Inuyasha, Myoga and Shippo to find the next Shikon shard. As they are sailing along a river, they see a girl falling from a cliff. Inuyasha manages to catch her, and she tells them her story. Her name is Nazuna and her village has been attacked by spider demons. The group offers to help, but Nazuna flatly refuses them. They take her home and meet the old monk who has become her surrogate father. The monk asks them to spend the night and they accept, much to Inuyasha's dissapointment. As night falls Inuyasha begins to get fidgety and goes off by himself. Just then he notices that the Spider demon's have them completely surrounded and has the monk captured. Shippo, Myoga, Kagome, Inuyasha and Nazuna manage to escape when Kagome notices that Inuyasha's hair is black and his ears are gone. Myoga tells her Inuyasha's secret. When the new moon comes every month, Inuyasha loses all his demonic powers and reverts completely to a normal human being. Kagome realizes she's left the Shikon shards back in the temple so Shippo and Inuyasha return to get the shards and try to save the monk. Once they arrive, they see that the monk is actually the spider demon. Kagome and Nazuna arrive and get the injured Inuyasha into a safe room to spend the night. Kagome and Inuyasha share a few romantic moments before the demon attacks and devours the Shikon shards. Inuyasha is about to be finished off as the sun rises and he reverts back to his true self. He quickly kills the spider and everyone is surprised to see that the Shikon shards fused together inside the demon to create a large half-completed jewel.

Episode 14 2/5/01

Nuzumareta Kikyou no Reikotsu
Kikyo's Stolen Ashes
An old woman named Urasue attacks Kaede's village and steals Kikyo's bones. Inuyasha is dreaming about Kikyo and notices the old woman escape. Kaede tells him what happened, but he is reluctant to do anything about it because of his hatred for Kikyo. They finally decide to get Kikyo's bones back, and Kagome begins to wonder about Inuyasha's relationship toward Kikyo. She soon learns that he was in fact in love with her, but that they couldn't be together because of her role as a priestess and the fact that he's a demon. They enter Urasue's cave and learn that she has created a new body for Kikyo, and is planning on using her to gather Shikon shards. As they are attacked by her guards, Urasue learns that Kikyo no longer has a soul that can be brought back from the afterlife and is very upset by this. She soon notices the resemblance between Kikyo and Kagome and manages to abduct Kagome for use in her plot to ressurrect Kikyo.

Episode 15 2/12/01

Hiun no Miko, Kikyou Fukkatsu
Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo
After defeating the clay warriors that Urasue pitted against them, Kaede realizes what her plot is and why she's taken Kikyo's bones along with Kagome. Meanwhile, Urasue has placed Kagome in a cauldron of herbs that will pull her soul out and allow the new body of Kikyo to absorb it and be ressurected. Inuyasha and Shippo arrive in time to see Kagome's soul leave her body. They hear Kikyo tell them not to speak her name, but Inuyasha is so shocked, that he inadvertently does. This causes Kikyo to awaken. Urasue tells her to kill everyone, but Kikyo quickly decides to kill Urasue and demands to know why Inuyasha killed her. He has no idea what she's talking about, as it was Naraku disguised as Inuyasha that fatally wounder Kikyo. Kikyo begins attacking Inuyasha while Shippo pulls Kagome out of the cauldron. Kaede tells Shippo that Kagome will never reawaken until Kikyo has had her vengeance against Inuyasha. Just then, Kikyo wounds Inuyasha and Kagome begins to reawaken, parts of of sould leave Kikyo, but strangely as she fully recovers Kikyo is still alive. The barely living Urasue explains that Kikyo is only alive because her hate for Inuyasha is so great. Kikyo leaves and Inuyasha follows her. He saves her from jumping off a cliff and tries to get her to give the last of Kagome's soul back. Kikyo instead loosens herself from his grasp and falls, dissapearing into the fog below.

Episode 16 2/19/01

Migi Te ni Kazaana Furyou Houshi Miroku
Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku
The episode opens with the group remembering the events of the previous episode. Then we see a monk trying to decide which path to follow. Upon hearing that some women are down one path, the monk Miroku decides to investigate. Unfortunately for him, they wind up being rather large, but he then heads off to exorcise a demon from a Buddha statue and rob the family blind in the process. Later, Miroku spies on Kagome as she bathes and realizes that the group has some of the Shikon shards. The next morning Miroku along with his Tanuki partner confront the group and he and Inuyasha square off. Kagome saves Inuyasha from the void in Miroku's hand. After some flirting on Miroku's part it is revealed that Naraku is the one responsible for the void in Miroku's hand and he decides to join up with our party and fight Naraku together.

Episode 17 2/26/01

Jigoku Eshi no Kegareta Sumi
The Cursed Ink of the Hell-Painter
Inuyasha and the others come across a battlefield, but he doesn't smell any blood, only ink. Upon further investigation they discover an artist who is able to make his drawings of demons come to life and attack people. The artist manages to escape, but soon a local lord becomes involved as he seeks the power of the artist's Shikon shard. While trying to save the lord Inuyasha manages to cut the inkwell of the artist in half destroying the monsters. The artist is killed by his own creations as well and another shard is gained.

Episode 18 3/5/01

Te o Kunda Naraku to Sesshomaru
Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces
Sesshomaru returns with an oni's arm replacing the one he lost in his first battle with Inuyasha. Naraku arrives and offers Sesshomaru a new arm- a human arm that will allow him to hold the Tessiaga and a Shikon shard to increase his power. Sesshomaru manages to get the Tessiaga from Inuyasha after tracking the group down and shows his expertise by slaying hundreds of mountain demons in one blow. He uses the Saimyosho bees that Naraku gave him to keep Miroku from using his void and then he and Inuyasha begin to square off. Luckily Kagome steps in with an impressive save and takes aim for Sesshomaru's head.

Episode 19 3/12/01

Kaere, Kagome! Omae no Jidai ni
Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!
Kagome fires the arrow, but misses Sesshomaru. Inuyasha steps in to protect her while she tries to treat Miroku who was poisoned by the bees. Miroku learns from Jaken that it was Naraku who gave Sesshomaru these new tricks. Inuyasha manages to get the sword (and Sesshomaru's human hand) back but is severely wounded in the process. Without a human hand or the sword, Sesshomaru decides to retreat. The Saimyosho follow Sesshomaru trying to get the Shikon shard back for their master, and as the remnants of the arm begin to act up, Sesshomaru quickly discards it. A gravely wounded Inuyasha escorts Kagome back to the well to send her home, hugs her, takes her Shikon shards and then tosses her down the well. With the well blocked on Inuyasha's end Kagome is stuck in the present.

Episode 20 3/19/01

Asamashiki Yatou, Onigumo no Nazo
Despicable Villain! The Mystery of Onigumo
Kagome returns to her normal routine of going to school and being a typical 21st century teenager while in the past Inuyasha is learning the origin of the evil Naraku. Kaede tells the group of a theif who was severely burned all over his body and was unable to walk. Kikyo cared for him in a small cave where he lived. Onigumo lusted for Kikyo. Kaede takes Miroku and Inuyasha to visit the cave where Onigumo once lived and explains how he allowed powerful demons to eat him which combined their power with his and created Naraku. Soon Miroku and Inuyasha hear Shippo calling from near the well. He is being attacked by Royakan, a wolf demon. During the fight, Inuyasha reopens his wounds from his battle with Sesshomaru. In the present three days have passed and Kagome is still trying unsuccessfully to get back through the well. Royakan attacks again with even more power thanks to a second Shikon shard Naraku has placed on his head. Naraku releases the Saimyosho to prevent Miroku from opening his void and Inuyasha is too weak to fight back.

Episode 21 4/9/01

Naraku no Shinjitsu ni Semaru
Naraku's True Identity Unveiled
In the present Kagome decides to go on a date with Hojo, her classmate. She stops by the well one last time before leaving. In the past things are getting rough as Shippo runs away from Royakan's wolves and manages to squeeze past the tree and down to the bottom of the well. Kagome senses the shard on the other side, but sees nothing so she decides to leave for her date. Hojo thinks she's sick so she ends the date early and heads back to the well. After some digging she manages to make it through. While this is happening Naraku reveals that he is the one behind the fight that caused Inuyasha and Kikyo to hate each other 50 years ago. Inuyasha manages enough strength to drive Naraku away and Kagome helps remove the Shikon shards from Royakan's head.

Episode 22 4/9/01

Kikyo no Tamashii
A Wicked Smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul
The gang are spending the night in a small village guarding a diseased girl's soul from soul stealing demons that have been seen in the area. In another small town it appears that Kikyo has survived her fall and is trying to start a new life. One of the local priests, Seikai, senses something is different about her and attempts to use a ward on her. Nothing happens to Kikyo but she gives the preist a jolt for his trouble. Kikyo has developed a friendship with a young girl in the town by the name of Sayo. Sayo has noticed that Kikyo seems troubled by something, and that night follows her down to the river. She watches as Seikai and his assistant attempt to exorcise Kikyo who proves too powerful for the priests. After seeing this Sayo runs away and Kikyo realizes that she will be unable to return to the village. The next morning Inuyasha and the others see Seikai's assistant floating unconscious in the river. After saving him he tells them about a a preistess that resembles Kagome and they learn that Kikyo is the one responsible for the soul stealing demons that they had come across. Inuyasha is very upset about the news and goes off on his own, and soon Kagome finds herself seperated from Miroku and Shippo and face to face with Kikyo.

Episode 23 4/16/01

Kagome no Koe to Kikyo no Kuchizuke
Kagome's Voice & Kikyo's Kiss
Inuyasha searches the riverbank for any signs of Kikyo and finds her ribbon. Kagome is magically bound by Kikyo and tries her best to tell her how Naraku was the one that actually killed her and not Inuyasha. Kikyo no longer cares and just wishes to be reunited with Inuyasha in death rather than life. She says she can not overcome the deep hatred she has harbored for him. Soon Inuyasha arrives and confronts Kikyo. He tells her how much he still cares for her and how often the thinks of her, but Kikyo no longer cares. She explains that she needs the souls of the dead to stay "alive". Inuyasha is unable to see Kagome thanks to Kikyo's spell, and he speaks about his feelings from the heart. Kikyo takes him in her arms and Kagome watches as the begin to sink into hell. Kagome manages to free herself from Kikyo's spell and awakens Inuyasha who then escapes from Kikyo's grasp. Kagome then begins to pull the souls that Kikyo had taken back out of her which causes Kikyo to flee. Now out of danger, Kagome tells Inuyasha that she wants to be alone for awhile. Kikyo it seems has travelled back to see her sister Kaede and learn about Naraku. Kagome heads back home through the well and becomes furious when she overhears Inuyasha say he wishes he could have them both.

Episode 24 4/23/01

Yokai Taijiya: Sango Toujou!
Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer
Inuyasha, Miroku and Shippo are sitting around a fire discussing the Shikon Jewel. Miroku explains that no good has ever come of it, and that if Inuyasha uses the jewel to become a full-blooded demon, he will probably slay his companions. Inuyasha seems a bit concerned about this. In the Exterminator Village a young girl named Sango prepares her brother Kohaku for his first demon extermination that night. The two siblings and their father travel to the castle where they will be working. Upon arriving the lord expresses his doubts about the abilities of Sango and Kohaku, but their father reassures the lord they are the best in the business. After fighting a large spider demon, Kohaku seems to lose control and begins killing his fellow exterminators, his father, and then stabbing his sister in the back. Sango realizes that the lord of the manor is in fact the demon controlling her little brother, and tries to kill him, but the manor guards kill Kohaku with a volley of arrows and then shoot Sango as well. Out of nowhere the young master of the manor emerges and kills the demon posing as the lord of the manor. He orders that the exterminators be buried in the garden. Inuyasha and the others notice a large swarm of demons flying through the air and decide they should follow them to see what is going on. When they finally catch up to them, they see that the Exterminator Village has been completely destroyed and that everyone there has been killed. Back at the young lord's manor he is shocked to see that Sango is still barely alive and has treated her wounds as best he could. As she recovers she overhears the young master being told of the village's destruction by Naraku. Sango is obviously upset and Naraku tells her that Inuyasha is the one that destroyed her home. Meanwhile at the Exterminator Village the group help to bury the dead, and Kirara, a giant cat creature arrives with Myoga who informs them of what took place.

Episode 25 5/7/01

Naraku no Bouryaku o Uchi Yabure
Naraku's Insidious Plot
Inuyasha and the others investigate the Shikon Cave near the Exterminator's Village. Myoga tells them this is where the exterminators used to dump the corpses of the demons they slayed, and that the Shikon Jewel was created in this cave. Sango is traveling back to her village with Naraku, but she is still too severely injured to make the trip. Naraku puts a Shikon shard in her back to give her more strength and help he make the trek. Upon arrive she immediately attacks Inuyasha, and when Miroku steps in to help, the Saimyosho enter to ensure he can not help by using his void. Where the Saimyosho are Naraku usually is, and Miroku manages to spot him and chop his hand off. This Naraku proves only to be a copy of the real thing, and the decapitated hand snatches Kagome's shards and vanishes in a puff of smoke. Seeing this, Sango becomes suspicious and sends Kirara to track the fleeing Naraku while she fights Inuyasha. Sango eventually passes out because of loosing too much blood from her previous injuries, and the group manage to catch back up to Miroku who had pursued the fake Naraku. Once Miroku is out of danger Sango learns what truly happened and the fake Naraku is killed and the Shikon shards he had stolen are retrieved. Back at the young lord's manor it is revealed that he is actually Naraku.

Episode 26 5/14/01

Tsui ni Akasareta Shikon no Himitsu
The Secret of the Sacred Jewel Revealed!
Sango pays her respect to her fallen exterminators and then escorts the others to the Shikon Cave to tell them the origins of the Shikon Jewel. She shows them the crystallized corpse of a priestess named Midoriko who, hundreds of years ago, was sent to purify the souls of the growing number of demons. The demons proved to be too strong, and Midoriko had to sacrafice herself to capture the demons souls. Her soul, along with those of the demons created the Shikon Jewel. Sango goes on to tell of how her fellow exterminators found the jewel inside a demon they slew and gave it to a priestess, Kikyo, to purify it. Later that night Myoga and Kirara return to the cave alone with the Shikon shards they have. Suddenly they are attacked by some of the undead spirits of the demons and Inuyasha and the others arrive just in time to help save them. They all return to the village, except for Kirara who stays and remembers serving Midoriko centuries ago.


Season 2

Opening Theme: Change the World (1-34) & I Am (35-64)
Ending Themes: Fukai Mori (21-41) & Dearest (42-60)
Series Director: Masashi Ikeda
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Episode 27

Aired: 5/21/01
Suijin ga Shihaisuru Yami no Mizuumi
The Lake of the Evil Water God
Inuyasha and the others come across a village with a lot of wreckage, a flood to be exact. A boy gets the gang to help the villagers, and later is proven to be the headmasters real son. They go to the temple of the Water God and fight with him, but he seems invincible. Sango and Miroku, who have been washed out, travel to the mountain where the true God is sealed, who's a shrunken, beautiful female. They return to the temple and finish the battle with the fake Water God.

Episode 28

Aired: 5/28/01 Kakoku na Wana ni Kakatta Miroku
Miroku Falls into a Dangerous Trap
After Sango finishes exterminating a large spider, Miroku is drawn away to a beautiful lady dressed as a princess, who is actually a praying mantis demon, but when Miroku uses his Air-Rip to suck her in, the claws widen his rip which is bad. He sets off with his tanuki friend (without telling Inuyasha and the others) to visit his former foster-father, Mushin, who can perhaps heal the wound. Mushin gets posessed, and attempts to kill Miroku, who sends his tanuki friend for help. The tanuki runs into the gang. Inuyasha and the others arrive in time, but have trouble dealing with Mushin. Myoga points out that a certain demon is manipulating Mushin. Inuyasha used Tetsusaiga with amazing results while protecting Miroku, and Sango manages to kill the manipulator and get Mushin back to normal.

Episode 29

Aired: 6/4/01 Sango no Kunou to Kohaku no Inochi
Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life
Naraku commands a young boy in his territory to kill Inuyasha and the others. The gang come across a village, with many dead corpses. Some bombs explode, and the culprit is a young boy wearing similar fighting clothes to those that Sango wears. She is shocked that the young boy is in fact her brother Kohaku. He runs off into the forest, and the gang pursues him. They stop in front of a barrier, that only Sango could go through. She meets Kohaku, and Naraku appears behind him, who explains how Kohaku is alive again. Naraku makes a deal with Sango, which is something that seems impossible for her to do. As the gang spends the night in one of the sheds in the village, they are surrounded by an army of demons, and Kohaku. After a short fight, Kohaku tries to take the fragment out of himself, which causes Sango to throw Hiraikotsu, her weapon, against Tetsusaiga, and bring it to Naraku (it was his deal in return to let Kohaku live forever). Everyone else follows in pursuit to Naraku's castle.

Episode 30

Aired: 6/11/01 Nusumareta Tessaiga Taiketsu Naraku no Shiro!
Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle
After arriving at his castle, Sango fights with Naraku, who used the form of the prince of the country as a disguise. Sango is weakened by his attacks, even Kirara, Sango's pet, is weakened by Naraku's miasma. Kohaku begins to remember Sango a little, and she seems a little happy. Everyone else arrives and tries fighting, except that it seems hopeless, since Tetsusaiga is stuck in Naraku's fortress. Kagome fires an arrow, which purifies the miasma, to everyone's surprise. She fires another at Naraku, and he's surprised as it greatly damages his body. With a weakened body, he escapes along with Kohaku. In the morning, Sango tries to leave, but the gang convinces her to stay.

Episode 31

Aired: 6/18/01 Kokoroyasashiki Aishuu no Jinenji
Jinenji, Kind but Sad
Kagome and Inuyasha go to get herbs to cure Kirara from Naraku's misama poisoning. Upon meeting some villagers, they learn that a demon nearby named Jinenji has been attacking villagers. He was the owner of the field of herbs, and the villager used to get some from him. When Inuyasha tries to beat him up, it's quite shocking that he acts like a small child. His mother comes out, and the villagers run away. Jinenji is a half demon, and when they get the antidote, they decide to settle the problems, Inuyasha goes to find the real demon behind the attacks, and Kagome stays at the hut where Jinenji and his mother live. Jinenji warms up to her, but in the meantime, Inuyasha has found the demon nest, and has discovered why it's deserted. The villagers have planned to attack Jinenji, who's afraid to come out. The villagers have started to attack, but the real demon who killed the villagers appears with her children, coming to feast on more humans. Jinenji protects Kagome, who is hit by a mad, wounded, parent demon. Inuyasha arrives and kills most of the larva. Jinenji defeats the demon, and Kagome and Inuyasha leave, all of the problems resolved. At the end, Inuyasha reveals the bad times he had as a child, and makes Kagome happy, and afterwards, Inuyasha arrives at a comforting realization.

Episode 32

Aired: 6/25/01 Jaki ni Ochita Kikyou to Inuyasha
Kikyo and Inuyasha are in Trouble
Kikyo is serving at a village full of soldiers, and is healing their injuries. A few men pass by. They explains that they have come to take Kikyo to their leader. Once meeting him, she feels something strange about the castle. Naraku is shocked to see Kikyo alive again, and he has prohibited her from leaving, though she manages to. The gang has been called to investigate, because of a problem that the farmers had. When they reach the nearby mountain by the village, Inuyasha and Miroku head inside, while the rest stay out. Inuyasha attacks one of the demons in the mountain, but Miroku seems to think that it was a bad idea... Outside, Kikyo suddenly arrives, heads in, and Kagome follows after her with Kirara. Miroku explains to Inuyasha about the mountain and dangers, but with no avail. Once Kagome goes down to where Kikyo fell, Kikyo shoots an arrow at Tetsusaiga, which undoes its transformation, reflects up to the seal, and destroys it. Everything but Miroku and Kirara are pulled out the opening by a strong gust, and the demons merge with Naraku, who was waiting a distance from the mountain. He gains a new body and flies off with Kikyo.

Episode 33

Aired: 7/2/01 Torawareta Kikyou to Naraku
Captured Kikyo and Naraku
Naraku brings Kikyo to his castle, and sticks a Shikon fragment in a dead soul of Kikyo's. Miroku notices Kikyo's Shinidama-chuu in the air, and the gang go after them. They go through a sudden light, and become separated. Inuyasha sees himself at the time when Kikyo sealed him; Miroku is being sucked into his air void; Sango sees her friends dead, murdered by her brother Kohaku, who then kills her; Shippo sees everyone gone, and is lonely. Naraku chuckles about it, and reveals that he is using vines called Gen-eisatsu (literally Illusional Death), to which only Kagome is immune. Kikyo rescuse Kagome but takes her Shikon fragment in the process. Inuyasha manages to get out of the illusion, gets Miroku out, and asks him to find Sango and Shippo, while he goes to find Kagome. Inuyasha finds her and Kikyo, who quickly vanishes. She gives Kagome's Shikon fragment to Naraku, and reveals his secret, he is a half demon, not full. Onigumo's presence is still living in him, and Naraku is disgusted at this.

Episode 34

Aired: 7/9/01 Tessaiga to Tenseiga
Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga
An old man named Totosai is trying to escape from Sesshomaru, who is pursuing him in order to force him to make a sword better than Tetsusaiga. He arrives where Inuyasha and the others are, and tests him, afterwards he thinks that Inuyasha's not worthy of wielding Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru arrives, but Totosai helps everyone escape. Near a stream, he explains that he had already made a sword for Sesshoumaru called Tenseiga, but Sesshomaru never uses it, because that sword can't inflict damage, instead it heals. Sesshomaru kills a dragon and gains a new temporary arm. He mumbles something about something called "Kaze no Kizu" (literally "Cut of the Wind/Cutting Wind").

Episode 35

Aired: 7/16/01 Meitou ga Erabu Shin no Tskai te
The True Master Chosen by the Noted Sword
After Sesshomaru knocks Inuyasha away, he explains about his new arm. Sesshomaru blinds Inuyasha temporarily, who is only able to see a swirl of Sesshomaru's aura with a strike across it. When he strikes, Tetsusaiga almost kills Sesshomaru, who is saved by Tenseiga. Inuyasha has mastered the Kaze no Kizu. He washes his eyes at a nearby river, while Totosai "repairs" Tetsusaiga before he leaves. Meanwhile, a young girl approaches Sesshomaru, and takes care of him, by bringing food and water, which he rejects. When she attempts to steal a fish from a village, the villagers, who call her Rin, punish her, and she leaves. She returns with the food the next day, but when she returns to the village, it is attacked by wolves, and she dies. Sesshomaru finds her, and uses Tenseiga to bring her back to life. Meanwhile, the gang comes upon the slaughtered village and a human-like being takes on Inuyasha.

Episode 36

Aired:7/23/01 Kagome Ryakudatsu Chousoku no Yourou Koga
Kagome Kidnapped! The Super Fast Wolf Demon, Koga
Inuyasha and the wolf youkai battle each other, the wolf demon happens to be super fast, and Kagome realizes that the Shikon fragments he is carrying are increasing his speed. The wolf demon, Koga, is amazed that Kagome realizes it. Inuyasha attempts the Kaze no Kizu, but Koga escapes. The gang burry the dead corpses of the villagers, and spend the night. The next day, Koga has kidnapped Kagome, thinking that she would be useful, and takes her to his lair. Sango apparently was attacked by bird demons when she was close to saving Kagome, the demons had a blue human torso and the lower half being that of a round, feathered, monstrous bird. She and the others search for Kagome, but instead they wind up fighting the demons that attacked Sango earlier.

Episode 37

Aired: 7/30/01 Kagome no Horeta Aitsu
The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome!
Shippo tries transforming into Koga so that he and Kagome can escape, but his transformation is flawed. When they get outside, Kaogme gets Shippo to escape, and one of the wolf men is about to attack her, but Koga throws a dead boar on him, to stop him. He jumps down, and examines Kagome closer. Then he announces Kagome as "his woman". Kagome, however, is quite flabbergasted at this, and slaps him, and (without thinking) says she and Inuyasha have feelings for each other. Koga's planned on killing Inuyasha, the "dog turd", anyway, and figures that if he's gone, there will be no problem. Meanwhile, the gang continuously try attacking the birds, called the Gokurakuchou, but they are too many. The wolf youkai have already battled the Gokurakuchou, and Koga leaves with Kagome to take care of the leader. Everyone has trouble with it, and Koga leaves some of his troops to take care of Kagome. One of them is taken away when attempting to attack a Gokurakuchou, and Kagome uses an arrow to knock it down. Inuyasha and the rest arrive in the nick of time, and finish off the Gokurauchou. Koga becomes injured in the process. Inuyasha is mad that Kagome stopped him from trying to kill Koga and let he and his troops escape. They get into another fight, and Kagome leaves on Kirara, heading for home.

Episode 38

Aired: 8/6/01 Hanarete Tousu Futari no Kimochi
Two Hearts, One Mind
Back in modern times it seems another girl has set her sights on winning Hojo, Kagome's friends still believe he is the best choice for her, so the encourage her to try and win him back. At home everyone wonders why Kagome is so frustrated, but she refuses to tell them why. Of course she is still mad at Inuyasha over the arguement that they had. Shippo tells a story about a dog, cat, and wolf and asks Kaede what the dog and cat should do to get back together. When Kaede suggests the dog apologize to the cat, Inuyasha decides to head to modern times and be a man. When he arrives Kagome is sleeping and her alarm clock startles him, causing him to run off with it. When Kagome travels back to the past, Inuyasha apologizes for the clock, but his stubborn pride keeps him from apologizing for their arguement.

Episode 39

Aired: 8/13/01 Shikumareta Shitou
Trapped in a Duel to the Death!
A tribe of wolf demons seperate from Koga's ask that for his assistance in raiding a castle that holds a Shikon shard. Koga declines due to the injuries he is still suffering from after his battle with the Gokurakuchou. Koga allows a few of his men to assit the other tribe though. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others cross paths with a giant bear. Suddenly the creature turns to bones as Naraku's wasps remove a Shikon shard from it. The group chases after the wasps and follow them to a castle. When the arrive they find the corpses of the wolf tribe who had come seeking the shard. Kagura, a female demon who has animated a corpse and sent it to Koga bearing a poisoned Shikon shard. Koga takes the shard and heads to the castle, but when he arrives he sees Inuyasha standing around a pile of dead bodies that were his former tribesmen. Koga is enraged and believes Inuyasha killed the men. While they battle once again, Miroku and Sango head inside the castle where they encounter Kagura and one of Naraku's puppet clones.

Episode 40

Aired: 8/20/01 Kaze Tsukai Kagura no Youen Naru Wana
The Deadly Trap of Kagura, the Wind Sorceress
Miroku and Sango are able to deal with the phony Naraku, but in the meantime Inuyasha is having a hard time dealing with Koga now that he has another Shikon shard powering him up. Soon though, Kagura raises the dead bodies of the wolf tribesmen and makes them attack Koga. The poisoned shard begins to do it's work and Koga is unable to fight any longer. Inuyasha prepares to execute the Wind Scar but because of Kagura's abilities to control wind he is unable to find the correct point to strike to initiate the manuver. Suddenly he realizes that if Kagome were to fire an arrow at him it would purify the area and allow him to see the necessary point in which to strike. He does so and Kagura rapidly retreats on her flying feather. As she does they notice she has a spider shaped mark burned into her back exactly like Naraku. With everyone out of danger Kagome begins the process of cleaning the poison out of Koga's arm. Meanwhile Kagura meets up with Naraku who explains that she was born from a part of himself.

Episode 41

Aired: 8/27/01 Kagura no Mai to Kanna no Kagami
Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror
The group happens upon a village where the encounter a girl fleeing her cruel master. The girl's name is Koharu and everyone is shocked that she is one of the dozens of women that Miroku asked at one time or another to bear his children. They escort Koharu to the next village and leave her with the village headman. Suddenly Kanna, a young child with white hair arrives in the village. She is actually the first demon born from Naraku and she and her sister Kagura begin to wreak havoc. Kanna uses her mirror to absorb the souls of everyone in the village while Kagura uses her reanimating abilities to control their souless bodies. The villages go on the attack which manages to distract everyone long enough for Kanna to suck out a lot of Kagome's soul.

Episode 42

Aired: 9/3/01 Yaburareta Kaze no Kizu
The Wind Scar Fails
Inuyasha once again attempts to nail Kagura with his Wind Scar attack, but Kanna jumps between them and is able to use her magical mirror to reflect the blast back at Inuyasha. Inuyasha is severely damaged by the reversed attack when Naraku makes a surprise appearance on the battlefield. Naraku reveals to everyone that Kikyo gave him the large portion of the Shikon Jewel that she took from Kagome during their last encounter. Everything seems to be going Naraku's way until Kagome fires her arrow at Kanna's mirror. Kagome's power causes the mirror to spill out all the villagers souls and Naraku, Kanna, and Kagura all quickly flee. While everyone rests the next day, Inuyasha wonders why Kikyo would give the shard to Naraku.

Episode 43

Aired: 9/10/01 Tsuini Oreta Tetsusaiga!
Tetsusaiga Breaks
Inuyasha doesn't have to wonder long about Kikyo's motivations. He sees her soul skimmers appear and Inuyasha follows them despite the fact that he is still trying to recover from being hit by his own Wind Scar attack. He confronts Kikyo about Naraku and she explains that she plans on killing him. Kikyo departs just as the others arrive and ask Inuyasha what happened. Kagome is frustrated by Inuyasha once again defending Kikyo. Meanwhile Goshinki, Naraku's youngest creation has been unleashed in a village and massacred everyone living there. The group crosses paths with the grostesque monster, but because Goshinki can read minds it is able to dodge the Wind Scar and bite Tetsusaiga in two. Unexpectedly Inuyasha transforms into a full-blooded demon. With his new power Inuyasha kills Goshinki quickly, but then warns everyone to stay away from him. Inuyasha fears for their safety, but a well timed "Sit!" from Kagome returns Inuyasha to normal.

Episode 44

Aired: 9/17/01 Kaijinbou no Jaaku na Ken
Kaijinbo's Evil Sword
Sesshomaru comes across Goshinki's decapitated head and detects Inuyasha's scent on it. He takes the head to Kajinbo, an evil, rouge, swordsmith who was once a disciple of Totosai, who forged by the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga. Totosai arrives after discovering that the Tetsusaiga was broken in the battle against Goshinki. He tells Inuyasha that he will be able to repair it, but he needs to use on of Inuyasha's own fangs in order to do so. All of this coincides with the New Moon which leaves Inuyasha in his full human form. Soon Kaijinbo arrives with the new sword he has created from the remains of Goshinki. The new blade is called Tokijin and proves to be a formidable weapon. With the repairs to Tetsusaiga complete Totosai gives the blade to Inuyasha so that he can fight off his former pupil. The new and improved Tetsusaiga seems to have some problems though, as it has become to heavy for Inuyasha to wield properly.

Episode 45

Aired: 10/8/01 Sesshomaru, Toukijin o Furou
Sesshormaru Wields Tokijin
The new blade Tokijin proves to be so powerful that it destroys Kaijinbo while he attempts to wield it. Inuyasha insists on staying put until the person who commsioned Tokijin's creation arrive to claim the blade. While they wait Totosai explains that Inuyasha's power plus that of his father now flows in the Tetsusaiga, hence it's heavy weight. In order to use it properly Inuyasha must become more powerful. Kagura meets up with Sesshomaru and tells him what has become of Tokijin. Sesshomaru sets off to claim his sword and finds Inuyasha awaiting him. The two do battle, but with the increased weight of Tetsusaiga Inuyasha is at a disadvantage. Inuyasha ditches his sword and leaps at Sesshomaru who repeals him easily. Without the blade Inuyasha begins to transform into a full demon again, but before Sesshomaru can strike him down Totosai sends a firey blast between them allowing for Inuyasha and the others to make their escape. All of this has taken place under the watchful eye of Kagura who thinks Sesshomaru may be powerful enough to kill Naraku.

Episode 46

Aired: 10/15/01 Juromaru to Kageromaru
Juromaru and Kageromaru
Koga happens by and asks the group if there is anything new concerning Naraku. Suddenly he picks up on Kagura's scent and races off to find the source. When he arrives he finds one of Naraku's puppets and a new demon creation born from Naraku. The new demon's name is Juromaru, and Koga doesn't feel up to fighting it. Koga flees as Inuyasha arrives. Inside Juromaru is a smaller creature named Kageromaru. Kageromaru is so fast that it is able to evade Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Koga returns when he realizes that Kagome could be killed during Inuyasha's battle. Koga and Inuyasha bicker amongst themselves as the battle Juromaru and Kageromaru, but they finally manage to defeat the duo even though Inuyasha is still hampered by the weight of the Tetsusaiga. Sick and tired of Koga and Inuyasha's pettiness, Kagome decides to go home for awhile.

Episode 47

Aired: 10/22/01 Naraku ni Nokoru Onigumo no Kokoro
Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku
In the present day Kagome is restocking the groups medical supplies. Meanwhile in the past, Naraku and Kikyo meet once again. Naraku realizes that he still carries Onigumo's heart, which loves Kikyo. Naraku sends a giant Soul Skimmer after her which begins to suck the deceased souls from Kikyo. Growing weaker Kikyo arrives at the Goshinboku Tree where Inuyasha was imprisoned for so many years. Inuyasha is in the area awaiting Kagome's return when he happens upon Kikyo. He saves her from the giant Soul Skimmer and then she tells him about Onigumo's heart being inside of Naraku. Kikyo and Inuyasha hug one another just as Kagome arrives. Kikyo leaves after telling Inuyasha he is no better than Naraku because of his possessiveness.

Episode 48

Aired: 10/29/01 Deatta Basho ni Kaeritai!
Back to Where We First Met
Unable to deal with Inuyasha and Kikyo's relationship, Kagome dumps the supplies on Miroku and Sango and quickly travels back to the present day. She tells her friends that she was dumped and realizes that she can not possibly compete with Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo. She considers returning her Shikon shard, but can't bear to deal with Inuyasha. Kagome's mother tries to give her some advice and soon Inuyasha emerges from the well to check on Kagome. Kagome tells him that she wants to make him happy and stay with him even though she knows she cannot compete with his feelings for Kikyo.

Episode 49

Aired: 11/5/01 Ushinawareta Kohaku no Kioku
Kohaku's Lost Memory
Everyone decides to investigate the former site of Naraku's castle. While searching, Sango uncovers remnants of her father's armor. Nearby Kohaku has wandered away from Naraku. He has no memory of who he is or what has happened to him, when suddenly a demon attacks him and attempts to steal the Shikon shard in his back that is keeping him alive. The group saves him, and Sango insists on bringing Kohaku with them even though Inuyasha is adamant in his believe that this is another one of Naraku's traps. Kohaku leaves them because he does not want to cause problems for the group, when suddenly they are attacked by a swarm of Naraku's wasps with Kagura leading the charge. While Sango and Kagome search for Kohaku, Miroku and Inuyasha attempt to deal with the demons. With Kohaku found Sango heads back to the battle and leaves Kagome to take hide out in a cave with her little brother until the coast is clear. Suddenly Kohaku remembers that Naraku has ordered him to kill Kagome.


Aired: 50 11/12/01 Ano Kao ga Kokorokara Kienai
That Unforgettable Face!
Kohaku strikes out at Kagome and cuts her arm. She flees, while Kohaku's blade hovers over her, ready ready to strike the deathblow. Inuyasha is still trying to do his best against the demon wasps without using the Tetsusaiga which is still too heavy for him to wield properly. He soon realizes that this must be a distraction to keep him away from Kagome, and leaves Miroku to deal with the demons. Miroku has no other choice but to open his Wind Tunnel and take in a lot of venom from the wasps. Kohaku flees when Sango arrives, but she pursues him. Kagome realizes that Sango is planning on killing Kohaku. Inuyasha finds them battling against each other and Sango ready to kill her brother. Inuyasha stops her and explains that that is what Naraku would want her to do. Kagura and Kohaku fly off together on her feather as Inuyasha promises to bring Kohaku back alive.

Episode 51

Aired: 11/19/01 Kokoro wo Kuwareta Inu Yasha
Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured
Sesshomaru visits Bokuseno, a living tree whose branches were used to carve the scabbards for Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga. Bokuseno tells Sesshomaru why Inuyasha was given Tetsusaiga- it is designed to keep his demonic blood from overcoming him. For if this happens often enough he will fly into murderous rages and eventually the pure potency of the blood will be too much for his half-demon body to handle and he will die. While Sango cares for the ailing Miroku who has injested too much poison from Naraku's wasps, Inuyasha and Kagome have a moment to themselves. Eventually they help an old man make his way to a village, but encounter Gatenmaru, a moth demon disguised as a human who is raiding the village. He manages to trap Inuyasha and Miroku inside his venomous cocoon, and tries to take Tetsusaiga for himself. Without Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha begins to undergo another transformation into his full-demon side.

Episode 52

Aired: 11/26/01 Yamerarenai! Youkai no Hounshou
The Demon's True Nature
Gatenmaru proceeds to viciously prey on the girls of the village as Inuyasha and Miroku are helpless to do anything but watch. Kagome and Sango arrive but are unable to fend off the numerous bandits. The old man Inuyasha helped earlier realizes that Inuyasha needs his sword, and tries to get it to him, but fails.As he does Inuyasha flies into a rage and breaks free of the cocoon just as Miroku's protective barrier is about to give out. Inuyasha begins viciously killing the bandits and then quickly kills Gatenmaru himself with little effort. Kagome begs Inuyasha to stop, but just as she does Sesshomaru arrives wanting to guage Inuyasha's new killing power. They battle furiously but Inuyasha's elder brother proves to be too skilled and when given the chance to kill him he decides it is better to leave his little brother alive. Sesshomaru instructs them to give Inuyasha the Tetsusaiga to make him revert and then leaves. Inuyasha cannot believe what he has done after he transformed, but realized that if he continues to experience these transformations he will endanger his friends and possible kill Kagome.

Episode 53

Aired: 12/3/01 Chichi no Shukuteki Ryuukossei
Ryukotsusei, Father's Old Enemy
Inuyasha sneaks off on his own to see Toto-sai. He asks Toto-sai if there is anything he can do to make Tetsusaiga lighter and easier to wield like it was before Goshinki broke it. If the sword is like it once was Inuyasha will not have to worry about it becoming a hinderance in battle and thus making him discard it and unleashing his full-demon blood. Toto-sai tells him of the dragon Ryukossei who his father once fought, but could not kill. If Inuyasha can kill the entrapped demon the blade should become lighter because Inuyasha will have done something his father could not, and the weight of his fang that is inside the blade will loose it's heavy weight. Naraku sees this using Kanna's mirror and then sends one of his puppets to the site where Ryukossei is imprisoned before Inuyasha arrives. As soon as he does, the fake Naraku melts the seal keeping Ryukossei asleep and tells him that Inuyasha is the son of the demon that sealed him. Inuyasha only expected to deal with killing a sleeping demon, but now the dragon is awake and thirsty for revenge. He manages to knock Tetsusaiga away from Inuyasha, who begins to transform just as the others arrive.

Episode 54

Aired: 12/10/01 Tetsusaiga no Ougi Bakuryuuha
The Backlash Wave: Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Technique
The berserk, full-demon Inuyasha attempts to regain Tetsusaiga before he totally looses his senses, but Ryukossei's attacks are unrelenting. He uses Tetsusaiga's scabbard to fend off the attacks, and Miroku tries to assist using his air rip, but Ryukossei is two powerful for them. Inuyasha finally manages to retrieve Tetsusaiga and reverts to his original half-demon form. He manages to shove the blade into Ryukossei's heart, but even that does not stop the incredible dragon. Only completely destroying his body will put an end to him. Suddenly Tetsusaiga returns to it's original lighter weight and Inuyasha is able to wield it as he once was. With the new power of the blade he unleashes the Bakuryuha attack, which combines the power of the Scar of the Wind with the attack of an enemy making for an ultra-devestating technique. Ryukossei dies and Inuyasha regains the power of Tetsusaiga and no longer has to worry about his demonic side emerging as long as he possesses the sword.

Episode 55

Aired: 12/17/01 Ishi no Hana to Shippou no Hatsukoi
The Stone Flower and Shippo's First Love
One day in a village Shippo sees a little girl named Satsuki being beaten up by a group of boys. He transforms and scares them away to save her. He hears that her brother had passed away in battle, but the girl insists that is not the case. She has a Shikon shard and plans to use it to revive her brother should be deceased. After Kagome sees the "shard" she realizes it is nothing more that a rock, but out of kindness does not tell the little girl, so she does not lose hope that her brother will return. Miroku exorcises a small lizard demon from a house that overheard the girl had a Shikon shard. The lizard creature transforms disguises himself as Satsuki's missing brother and says that he returned to life because she made a wish on her "shard". Shippo sees the creature's reflection and forces it to reveal it's true form. He helps Satsuki escape, but must face the demon alone. Things seem bleak for Shippo until Inuyasha arrives and slays the creature. When Satsuki arrives Inuyasha tells her it was Shippo that saved the day. They leave the girl in the care of the village headman and continue on their search for the shards.

Episode 56

Aired: 1/14/02 Kiri no Oku ni Bijo no Yuuwaku
Temptress in the Mist
The group comes across a village where all the men seem to have vanished into the woods never to return. The village women tell them that a beautiful demon apparently lives in the woods and has been taking the men. Miroku decides to investigate alone, but Sango insists on accompanying him. In the woods she tells him of the local legend that soldiers protecting a noblewoman became lost in these woods and all died and perhaps this is somehow connected to the demon living here now. Miroku gives Sango a rosary to protect herself, and once they cross the barrier the demon has set up they become separated. Miroku is lead into a castle by a beautiful young woman while Sango stumbles across a group of elderly men. They tell her they are actually not old at all but were made so buy the woman of the castle. Sango continues her search for Miroku who seems to be preparing to make out with the lady of the castle when Sango arrives. The woman changes into a giant dog demon but cannot see Sango because of the rosary Miroku gave her. The two work together to free the woman's soul from the demon. Sango feels bad for doubting Miroku's true intentions

Season Three Episodes Summary

Episodes 57 to 77

Opening Theme: I Am (35-64) & Owarinai Yume (65-95)
Ending Themes: Dearest (42-60) & Every Heart (61-85)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Episode 57

Aired: 1/21/02
Subete wa Tougenkyou no Yoru ni Zenben
Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part 1
Kagome heads home to take a test and Sango must leave to have her boomerang repaired because it was damaged by the dog demon she just battled. While they are away the others come across a stream with peaches floating in it. The peaches have human faces though and tell Inuyasha, Shippo and Miroku that they were captives of the Peach Man. They travel up the mountain to investigate and find a box where the Peach Man has shunken his human hostages so that he can use them to feed his peach tree that grants him immortality. Inuyasha and the others become trapped in the magical box. Inuyasha escapes. Soon thereafter Kagome arrives but also finds herself trapped in the box leaving the shards for the Peach Man to find. He places them into his body. The shards make his skin rock hard, and when Inuyasha escapes the box he is crushed beneath the Peach Man's massive weight. Normally this would not be a problem, but this is the night of the new moon and Inuyasha has reverted to his human form.

Episode 58

Aired: 1/28/02
Subete wa Tougenkyou no Yoru ni Kouhen
Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part 2
The Peach Man ties Inuyasha up when he notices Kagome's empty bottle used for storing Shikon shards. He demands to know where she is, but up until this point the Peach Man himself did not realize she was there. He goes to look for her leaving Inuyasha alone and bound. When he returns carrying her school uniform Inuyasha fears the worst. A tiny Miroku and Shippo escape and manage to free Inuyasha who goes in search of Kagome. He finds her bathing and being prepared to be fed to the Peach Man's tree. They all try to escape but find the Peach Man's former master who tells them that one day the Peach Man found a Shikon shard and feed it to his tree. The tree came to life and demanded to be fed humans. Out of nowhere the Peach Man emerges and a battle ensues. Kagome is able to knock the Shikon shard out of the Peach Man and both he and Inuyasha go tumbling down the cliff side. The Peach Man's tree winds up eating him and transforming into a giant monster. Now with the sun rising Inuyasha reverts to his half-demon form and destroys the creature.

Episode 59

Aired: 2/4/01
Bishoujo Shimai no Deshiiri Shigan
The Beautiful Sister Apprentices
Sango is working to repair her damaged boomerang when two girls Serina and Suzuna discover her and beg her to take them on as apprentices. They tell her that demons are a constant problem at their village, so Sango takes some time to show them a few techniques. Later the girls return and break into a storehouse that contains demon's bones used to make the exterminator's weapons. They are confronted by Sango and they tell her that their village has actually been destoryed, but they want to continue their village's traditon of being theives. The demons remains begin to attract other demons who overwhelm Sango and the girls until the rest of the gang arrives, after having worried when Sango was late returning to them. Ultimately Sango tells the girls not to worry about upholding traditions, only to live for themselves and be strong.

Episode 60

Aired: 2/11/02
Kuromiko Gojuunen no Noroi
The 50 Year Old Curse of the Dark Priestess
Naraku has Kagura fetch Tsubaki, an elderly dark miko/priestess. He tells her he will give her his large Shikon shard in exchange for her help in killing Kagome. Tsubaki becomes young again and accepts Naraku's offer. Kagome, meanwhile, is falling farther and farther behind at school due to her many absences. When she returns to the past she feels something bite her on the foot, but sees nothing. When Kaede hears the story she belives it might have been the familiar of someone. Kaede's theory proves correct, as it was the snake pet of Tsubaki that bit Kagome. Tsubaki uses Kagome's blood that her snake drew along with Naraku's Shikon shard to place a curse on Kagome. Suddenly Kagome's Shikon shards turn black and then are absorbed into her body. Miroku and Sango go in search of the cause of this when Kagome, under Tsubaki's control begins to try to kill Inuyasha just as Kikyo had 50 years prior. Kikyo is also drawn to the site Miroku and Sango are investigating because of a familiar presense she senses there.

Episode 61

Aired: 2/18/02
Arawareta Kikyo Shikigami Tsukai
Kikyo and the Dark Priestess
Kikyo goes through the barrier that Miroku and Sango cannot enter to investigate what is going on. There she destroys one of Naraku's puppets and finds Tsubaki, who she remembers is an old nemesis of hers that once tried to steal the Shikon Jewel when it was under her protection. Tsubaki is distracted by Kikyo's presense allowing Kagome to temporarily regain her senses. She is able to detect the Shikon shard that Tsubaki is using and Inuyasha rushes her there. Tsubaki relates the story of how she tried to take the Shikon Jewel many decades ago but Kikyo reversed her snake causing it to return to her and scar her face. From then on Tsubaki made a deal with a demon so that she would forever keep her youthful appearance. Kagome and Inuyasha arrive and Kikyo allows Tsubaki to go out and confront them, but promises to kill her should she harm Inuyasha. Outside Tsubaki summons a giant weasel-like demon from her eye. Tsubaki warns Inuyasha if he tries to use Tetsusaiga against her she will use her curse to kill Kagome.

Episode 62

Aired: 3/4/02
Sokoshirene Tsubaki no Jubaku
Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell
Inuyasha struggles to fight off the weasel demon that Tsubaki has unleashed while Kagome falls unconcious once again due to the curse Tsubaki has placed on her. She dreams of being back home but everything seems like it would be if she had never travelled back in time. She sees faces that remind her of her friends from the past, and while at school her archery teacher has a strange resembalance to Kikyo. Finally Kagome remembers and awakens in the past as Inuyasha continues to fight the demon. He kills the creature and then turns his attention to Tsubaki and her snake familar. He kills the snake, but the curse is still not broken. Tsubaki sends a flock of demons streaming from her eye, and the others have their hands full as the snake grows it's head back and attacks Kagome. Before it does though, Kagome is able to reverse it and send it back on Tsubaki just as Kikyo had done so long ago. Kagome's curse is broken and the Shikon shards purify themselves, but Tsubaki is able to grab her large shard and flee.

Episode 63

Aired: 3/11/02
Ikute mo Habamu Kouhaku Miko
The Red and White Priestesses
Tsubaki returns to the village where she trained to be a miko and convinces two young girls named Botan and Momiji that she is being chased by a group of demons. The girls believe her and offer their assistance. When Inuyasha and the others arrive, the girls attack using small paper dolls that pose no problem for the group. Unfortunately they manage to get a strand of hair from Inuyasha and Kagome and the girls use that to create two creatures with the abilities of Kagome and Inuyasha. The girls cast a spell to keep Inuyasha at bay while the creatures battle the others. Soon Inuyasha escapes and is able to knock the girls unconcious using Tetsusaiga. Shippo, Miroku and Kirara stay behind to tell Botan and Momiji what is really going on while Sango, Inuyasha, and Kagome pursue Tsubaki who has fled once again. Tsubaki comes upon a tower with a giant ogre sealed inside and Kagura tells her to use the Shikon shard to set the beast free.

Episode 64

Aired: 3/18/02
Tahoutou no Kyodai na Oni
The Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower
Shippo and Miroku convince the girls that Tsubaki has become evil, and they agree to help the others deal with her. The proceed to the tower where the others went ahead of them. Inuyasha and Kagome cause Kagura to retreat, while Tsubaki frees the oni inside the tower. Instead of allowing it to fight them, she absorbs it into her eye and transforms into an oni herself. Inuyasha uses the Bakuryuha to force her to change back, and when she does one of Naraku's wasps flies out of her eye and steals the Shikon shard he had given her. Tsubaki changes back into an old woman and then dissolves into dust as Kikyo watches from afar.

Episode 65

Aired: 4/8/02
Saraba Seishun no Hibi
Farewell Days of My Youth!
The group is staying at a village overnight after slaying a giant centipede demon. Myoga arrives and seems to be on the run from someone. Soon strange things start to happen. Sango comes into Miroku's room and then starts to chase him around before suddenly falling asleep. Everyone assumes she was possessed by the centipede demon until Miroku soon falls under the same fate and begins chasing everyone around. Soon another centipede demon springs from the ground and Inuyasha quickly kills it but then he too becomes possessed. Strangely he offers to make out with Shippo when Kagome forces him back to normal with a well-timed "sit!". As it turns out, Makoto a female flea demon and self-proclaimed fiancee to Myoga has been possessing various people as she pursues the tiny creature. Myoga manages to escape before the wedding can be arranged though.

Episode 66

Aired: 4/15/02
Naraku no Kekkai Kagura no Kesshin
Naraku's Barrier - Kagura's Decision
Koga picks up Naraku's scent and Inuyasha does so as well. They realize if they can smell him his barrier that he keeps up to hide the location of his castle must be weakening. Koga dashes off to finish Naraku, but Inuyasha has to stay behind because he will soon transform into a human due to the phase of the moon. Kagura watches on Kanna's mirror as Koga approaches, and assuming Naraku is away she decides to fight him herself. She manages to trap him in a tornado of skeletons which slash and hack the Shikon shards out of his legs. Ginta and Hagaku have to ask for help to save Koga, and are shocked to see Inuyasha has turned into a human. The gang agrees to help out and when they arrive Kagura quickly flees, leaving a badly injured Koga behind. She tracks down Sesshomaru and tells him that she will give him the Shikon shards she has taken from Koga in exchange for his killing Naraku. Meanwhile Naraku watches from Kanna's mirror as Kagura betrays him.

Episode 67

Aired: 4/22/02
Fukiareru Uragiri no Kaze
The Howling Wind of Betrayal
Sesshomaru says he has no interest in Shikon shards which upsets Kagura. The gang manages to catch back up to Kagura, but with Inuyasha still in his human form they try to make sure that she does not discover when he transforms. Koga takes the battle to her, but when a huge group of demons arrives, Kagura assumes that Naraku has sent them to kill her for her betrayal. This allows Koga to get in one good punch, but without his Shikon shards he is not powerful enough to handle Kagura. Just as he is about to meet his end Inuyasha steps in to save the day, and Kagura catches a glimpse of him in his human form. Inuyasha unleashes the Scar of the Wind, but before it can hit Kagura the demons sent by Naraku fly down and act as a shield for her sacreficing their own lives to save her. She quickly retreats and Koga retrieves his shards and runs off as well. Kagura heads back to Naraku's castle assuming he did not learn of her betrayal after all, and she is lured down into the basement by Kanna. Unfortunately for her Naraku is there and has undergone a transformation of his own. He has split apart into the various demons that make up his body which leaves Kagura horrified. He tells her if she does anything like that again he will kill her, and so Kagura decides not to tell him about Inuyasha's transformation.

Episode 68

Aired: 5/6/02
Shippou e Ikari no Chosenjou
Shippo Gets an Angry Challenge
Shippo is shocked when he recieves a letter challenging him to a battle from someone named Soten. Shippo starts to think that Soten may be connected to the Thunder Brothers that killed his father. Koryu is the dragon servant of Soten and seems to be keeping a close eye on Shippo and the others. He tries to drop a boulder on them, and manages to capture Shippo in the commotion. Shippo is taken to Soten's castle where he is locked in a cage. Much to Shippo's shock Soten is also a young demon about his age. Koryu tries to prevent the others from entering the castle, but his simplistic traps prove ineffective. Inside Shippo and Soten duel over Shippo's crayons. Kagome interrupts the battle and exclaims how cute Soten is. But to everyone's shock Soten is a little girl and Shippo no longer has any will to continue the battle. He gives her his crayons and then leaves.

Episode 69

Aired: 5/13/02
Kao no nai Otoko no Kyoufu
Terror of the Faceless Man
Back home Kagome has another killer math test which gets her down a little, so she goes out with her friends where they talk about her love life. Kagome takes it easy for a few days while the others await her return. Meanwhile Naraku and Kanna are standing on the edge of cliff. He releases something from his arm and the thing goes rolling down the cliffside before coming to rest near a group of bandits. Soon a faceless man emerges from the blob of muscle and tissue. He kills the bandits and rips their faces off. Soon Inuyasha and the others are led to the area when they detect Naraku's scent. Kneeling by a creek the faceless creature tries on the faces of the bandits he killed when a priest named Muso comes upon him and tries to destory him. Muso meets his fate at the hands of the demon, and has his face stolen as well. The demon places the face on and seems pleased at by his choice. He steals a suit of armor and then starts to rampage and ransack a nearby village before having a flash of memory regarding Musashi's Domain- the area in which Kaede's Village lies. Soon Inuyasha encounters the man and they do battle, but nothing seems to hurt him at all. The man says he does not remember anything and has taken the name Muso after the priest he killed. His body heals at an amazing rate and he is able to shape his body anyway he sees fit. Soon Kagome arrives and Muso mistakes her for Kikyo.

Episode 70

Aired: 5/20/02
Yomigaetta Onigumo no Kioku
Onigumo's Memory Restored
Inuyasha uses the Scar of the Wind on Muso and rips him to pieces. Kikyo soon comes upon the apprentice of Muso the priest who was killed by Muso the demon. He tells her the demon had a spider-mark on it's back and Kikyo decides to investigate. Naraku sees this in Kanna's mirror and releases Kagura who he has been holding chained in the area beneath the castle since her betrayal. He tells her to go find Inuyasha and tell him Muso is headed towards Kaede's village. Slowly Muso has put himself back together, and Inuyasha is worried about Kagome being there when Muso seems indestructable. Muso makes his way to the cave where Onigumo once lived and was cared for by Kikyo, and Kaede and Kagome go to investigate it, while Inuyasha and the others go in search of Naraku. Kagura catches up with them and does as Naraku asked her, she tells them where Muso is. Inside the cave Muso remembers who he really is... Onigumo. He sees Kagome as he emerges from the cave and demands to know why Kagome looks so much like Kikyo. Inuyasha arrives just in time and severs Muso's arm. Soon Muso's body reshapes itself into a scorpion like creature and impales Inuyasha. Meanwhile Naraku goes to check up on Kikyo when suddenly his arm begins to react strangely.

Episode 71

Aired: 5/27/02
Mitsudomoe no Shitou no Hate
Three-sided Battle to the Death
Inuyasha uses the Scar of the Wind over and over hoping to bring Muso down, but no matter what he continues to regenerate himself. Miroku points out that the spider mark on Muso's back is where the regeneration seems to center itself, so Inuyasha tries to destroy that portion of his body. Before he can Naraku's wasps carry it away as the other chunks of Muso's body fly after it trying to reattach themselves. Muso manages to restore himself again but Naraku arrives and attempts to reabsorb him. Muso refuses and then Inuyasha arrives. While Naraku and Inuyasha battle Muso escapes, but Kagura pursues him when he suddenly decides to turn around and heads back towards Naraku. Muso stabs Naraku in the chest with his dagger-like arm, but this only makes it easier for Naraku to reabsorb him. He quickly does and Miroku asks if this means Naraku is a half-demon just like Inuyasha. Naraku admits that he is, and like Inuyasha there is a certain time in which his powers weaken, but unlike Inuyasha Naraku gets to decide when that time is. Naraku's powers have increased, as well as his mystical barriers, which now seem impenetrable to Inuyasha and his Tetsusaiga.

Episode 72

Aired: 6/3/02
Toutousai no Kimyouna Shiren
Totosai's Rigid Training
Because Naraku's barriers seem to have grown much stronger, Inuyasha pays a visit to Toto-sai hoping to find a way to break them. Toto-sai does not seem interested, and there Inuyasha meets a cat demon named Bunza who is also training to break magical barriers. It turns out that Bunza's home has been troubled by a mantis demon who has placed a barrier around their village. Inuyasha and Bunza travel to the village and destroy the demon and free the village.

Episode 73

Aired: 6/10/02
Shiori Ayako to Aitsu no Kimochi
Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings
Inuyasha is still obsessed with learning how to break Naraku's barriers, when Myoga arrives and tells him about a group of demon bats who have created an impeneterable barrier. If Inuyasha is able to slay the demon guarding the barrier, it's blood will be absorbed by Tetsusaiga and give it the ability to break even the most powerful shields. The situation is complicated when Inuyasha arrives ready to slay some bats. As it turns out Shiori is the half-demon grandchild of Taigokumaru who has forced her mother to turn his grandchild over to him. He promises to stop attacking the village if she does so, and seeing no other way to save her fellow villagers lives Shiori's mother does as Taigokumaru asks. Unfortunately Taigokumaru does not live up to his part of the bargain and continues to attack, while keeping Shiori to power the barrier around the demon bat's cave. Even if Inuyasha could penetrate the barrier he would have to kill an innocent child to power up his sword. Soon Taigokumaru sets out carrying Shiori to destory her village. He uses Shiori to power a shield around him keeping any harm from befalling him.

Episode 74

Aired: 6/17/02
Kekkaiyaburu Akai Tetsusaiga
The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier!
The villagers cannot stand against the powerful bats, and Inuyasha is powerless due to the shield that Shiori is generating against her will. Tsukyumaru, Shiori's father and Taigokumaru's son was a peaceful demon and loved the village and never wanted to see it harmed, and so Shiori's mother does not understand why Taigokumaru wishes to see it destoryed along with everyone living there. Taigokumaru tells them that because his son fell in love with a human he no longer wished to carryout his job of protecting the barrier, and so he had to kill him. Now Shiori will do the job her father refused. Taigokumaru fires a blast at Inuyasha who reverses it into the Bakuryuha, but Shiori's barrier prevents it from doing any harm. After hearing that her grandfather killed her father, Shiori's rage forces Taigokumaru outside of the protective barrier. Inuyasha sees his chance and kills the giant bat. Now Shiori and her mother are reunited and the village is saved. Inuyasha refuses to kill the little girl mearly to power up Tetsusaiga, but Shiori offers his the red orb she carried to generate the shield. It's power should be the same as if Inuyasha had bathed Tetsusaiga in her blood as he had planned. Suddenly Taigokumaru's spirit emerges from the ball and tries to kill Shiori and her mother, but the spirit of Tsukyumaru protects them both from harm. Sure enough the orb powers up Tetsusaiga making it's blade glow red, and now it is powerful enough to break almost any barrier.

Episode 75

Aired: 6/24/02
Hyouneko Shitennou no Inbou
The Plot of the Panther Devas
A group of cat demons come in search of Kagome, who they have heard is guarding the Shikon shards. Kagome though is back in the modern times and Inuyasha decides to come and get her since she is taking so long in returning. Hatchimon, Miroku's tanuki friend, warns the others that the cat demons are a dangerous bunch, and when Kagome and Inuyasha return, the cats kidnap her and take her to their village. Meanwhile the leader of the cats challenges Sesshomaru to come to their village as well to settle an old score. Sesshomaru meets up with Ryokan who also wants to come along, but Sesshomaru threatens him if he does. Inuyasha is hot on the trail of the cats who took Kagome when Koga meets up with him. Koga's speed allows him to outpace Inuyasha and get to Kagome first, but the cats disappear inside a magical barrier. Inuyasha unsheathes Tetsusaiga ready to try out it's new barrier cutting abilities.

Episode 76

Aired: 7/1/02
Hyouteki wa Sesshoumaru to Inuyasha
Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha
Everyone is able to pass though the barrier thanks to Inuyasha's new barrier breaking skills. When they arrive at the village they seem outnumbered and are thrown off by a gas the cat's have released. That is until Sesshomaru arrives and saves the day. The cats retreat when they see him, and Myoga arrives to explain how Sesshomaru became involved in this. Fifty years ago Inuyasha's father and Sesshomaru fought against the cat demons. Royakan was involved as well. They were able to beat the cats, thus the reason why they are looking for revenge now. Koga goes off looking for Kagome, as does Inuyasha, while Sango and Miroku go off in another direction searching for her. Koga gets into a fight with one of the cat demons after meeting up with Royakan. Sesshomaru too is battling against the another cat demon. Inuyasha and Jaken meet up each and continue to look together for Sesshomaru and Kagome. Meanwhile Miroku and Sango are captured and tossed into the cell with Kagome.

Episode 77

Aired: 7/8/02
Hyounekozoku to Futatsu no Kiba no Ken
The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang
Shippo and Myoga search in vain for their lost comrades. Sesshomaru continues his battle against the cats, and another one joins into to help their sibling. They are surprised that losing an arm since their last battle has not caused Sesshomaru to lose a step. Jaken and Inuyasha are distracted by the illusions created by the cat demons, so Jaken uses the Staff of Heads to dispel the images. With that taken care of he and Inuyasha venture into the castle where the cats of trying to revive their falled leader. All the captives are intended to be used as sacrefices for the revived leader, but everyone seems to be having trouble gaining entrance into the castle because of the powerful barrier. Inuyasha arrives and shatters it using the red blade of Tetsusaiga. The leader of the cat demons kills three of his own in order to gain enough power to return fully to life. Sesshomaru's sword Tenseiga begins to glow and he uses it's healing powers to pulls the dead souls out of the cat demon. Inuyasha is now able to slay it with Tetsusaiga, and after seeing this the other cats flee.

Episode 78

Aired: 7/15/02
Sango Mezashite Only You
Only You, Sango
One day the group is out travelling when the come across a man who seems to know Sango. He begs her to help slay a demon bear that is plaguing their castle. Soon the lord of the castle, Takeda Kuranosuke, arrives and tells Sango that six years ago she helped exterminate another demon and he was so impressed that he fell in love with her. He asks he to marry him, and Kagome sees this as a chance to make Miroku admit that he has feelings for Sango. Unfortunately Miroku does not seem to care if Sango decides to marry or not. Miroku refuses to make a move, and actully believes that Sango may be happier to stay with Takeda and give up her battle against Naraku. This upsets her and she gives it her all against the bear demon. Unfortunately only one of Miroku's sutras will bring down the creature, so they two have to work together. They reconcile and all leave the castle together, when Miroku once again tries to put the moves on Sango.

Episode 79

Aired: 7/22/02
Jaken no Tetsusaiga Bun Dori Sakusen
Jaken's Plan to Steal the Tetsusaiga
A question from Rin prompts Jaken to question his worth to Sesshomaru. He decides to prove himself by stealing Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha. First he sends a demon to create a mist and steal the weapons under the cover of fog. The demon steals everyone's weapons except Tetsusaiga. Jaken then tries a second plan, and disguises himself as a smith who offers to sharpen the everyone's weapons. Everyone is obliged to let him do it, but by the time he sits there sharpening every weapon other than Tetsusaiga he gets too worn out and falls asleep. His third plan is more successful. He creates a hot spring and gases the group while they bathe. He wraps Tetsusaiga in Inuyasha's kimono so that he can carry it without the demon repelling barrier affecting him. Sango manages to head him off, and he gives the blade to Rin and tells her to take it to Sesshomaru. She does, but then drops it when she sees Jaken is in trouble and needs help. Jaken is upset about losing Tetsusaiga, when suddenly Kagura flies down and steal Rin away.

Episode 80

Aired: 7/29/02
Sesshoumaru to Sarawareta Rin
Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin
Inuyasha picks up Naraku's scent in the area and proceeds to follow it. Jaken rushes to Sesshomaru's side to tell him Rin was abducted. One of Naraku's puppets appears and tells him that if he does not wish to see Rin harmed he will do as he says and kill Inuyasha. Sesshomaru simply ignores him, and passes through Naraku's barrier in pursuit of the villian. Inuyasha follows Naraku's scent while the others go in search of a Shikon fragment Kagome has detected that they believe must belong to Kohaku. Kohaku has been charged with watching over Rin. Sango arrives and Kohaku is shocked because her face is the only thing Naraku was unable to erase from his mind. Inuyasha is able to cut through Naraku's barrier and he orders Kagura to go take care of him, but she secretly wants to allow Inuyasha to come in in hopes he will kill Naraku and set her free.

Episode 81

Aired: 8/5/02
Tachikireru Naraku no yukue
Vanishing Point: Naraku Disappears
Sesshomaru and Naraku face off at Naraku's castle. Naraku senses Inuyasha's arrival and decides to conclude the fight with Sesshomaru, engulfing him in demonic tentacles. Jaken watches helplessly as his master is cocooned and the monster prepares to ingest Sesshomaru's demon power. Before Naraku can do so, Inuyasha explodes into the courtyard, eager to fight. Inuyasha opens with Kaze no Kizu, which Naraku attempts to repel. Naraku wasn't expected Inuyasha, nor is he pleased when the Tetsusaiga breaks through his barrier defense. Inuyasha battles on, but is quickly ensnared in the same tentacles wrapping Sesshomaru. Naraku can?t resist taunting Inuyasha about his lack of power, which is all it takes to ignite another wave of rage. Inuyasha breaks free of Naraku's trap, blasting him point blank with another Kaze no Kizu attack. The strike weakens Naraku?s grasp on Sesshomaru enough to allow him to burst through and escape. Joining forces, the brothers mount a ferocious battle and seriously wound Naraku. However, their old sibling rivalry returns over which of them gets to kill the demon. Their squabble allows Naraku enough time to get away. Sesshomaru starts to power up into his demon-dog form, when Naraku?s disembodied voice reminds him about the danger Rin faces with her present captor, Kohaku. Watching Naraku spiral off in a swirl of miasma, Inuyasha asks Sesshomaru about Rin's abduction the connection with Kohaku. He's met with stony silence as Sesshomaru departs to rescue Rin. Jaken is left behind to answer Inuyasha?s questions after a little persuasion. Back at the house where Kohaku is holding Rin captive, Kagome and the team combat a nightmarish assortment of demons. While the demonic horde distracts the good guys, Kohaku escapes with Rin. Attempts to follow the children are cut off by renewed demon attacks until Inuyasha arrives to beat back the evil swarm. Inuyasha picks up Kagome and tells the others they're going ahead to find Kohaku. Inuyasha must find Kohaku first -- if Sesshomaru beats them to Kohaku, Inuyasha knows he'll kill the boy for taking Rin. Further ahead in the forest, Kohaku leads Rin through the woods and into a clearing. Rin wonders why her new friend is acting odd. The situation worsens when he draws his scythe and moves to strike her down. Rin runs away in panic, but is snared by Kohakus scythe chain. Kohaku moves in for the kill and Rin faints from fear. Sesshomaru arrives in time to catch Kohaku poised for the death strike. But before he lands the blow to Rin, Kohakus attention turns to Sesshomaru and he attacks with the scythe. A blur of red appears, blocking the strike; Inuyasha has arrived. Sesshomaru ignores Inuyasha's request to leave the boy alone, grabs Kohaku by the throat, and prepares to kill him. Kagome, with Rin cradled protectively in her arms, begs Sesshomaru to show mercy; that Rin has just fainted and is unhurt. Kohaku dangles, blank-eyed and limp in Sesshomarus grasp and then -- Sesshomaru releases him and the boy falls heavily to the ground. Sesshomaru rationalizes Naraku wanted him to kill Kohaku and he wasn't going to fall into another trap, so he let the boy live. Kagome thanks Sesshomaru for his gesture as Rin regains consciousness. Overjoyed, the little girl springs from Kagome's arms and scampers happily to Sesshomaru. Kagome and Inuyasha watch dumbfounded as Rin skips after merrily after the stoic demon. During the commotion, Kagura escapes with Kohaku on her flying feather. When Sango, Miroku and Shippo arrive, Inuyasha and Kagome fill them in on events. Sango is sad, but relieved that Kohaku survived his encounter with Sesshomaru. Inuyasha is left wondering where the badly injured Naraku might be hiding, now that his castle has been discovered and its barrier broken. Back at Naraku's deserted castle; the wandering Kikyo stands in the battle-scared courtyard and wonders the same thing.

Episode 82

Aired: 8/12/02
Gendai to sengoku no hazuma
Gap Between the Ages
Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango stand in the ruins of Naraku?s castle, wondering if the demon will return; now that his barrier has been breached. While Inuyasha and the others brood, back in contemporary Tokyo, Kagome sits in school with problems of her own: the teacher just announced a test in a couple of days and Kagome hasnt studied. After school, Kagome scrambles to get a copy of the study notes from her friends but meets with one frustration after another. Kagome is left to cram for the test, note less, all on her own. On the other side of the well, Inuyasha is irritable because Kagome hasnt returned. Miroku intervenes, convincing Inuyasha since they cant find Naraku anyway; the team ought to use the time for rest. Later that evening, Sango sits alone beneath the stars, wondering about Kohakus whereabouts. Miroku joins her, initially for moral support -- which quickly turns into immoral advances. The sound of Sangos slap to Miroku rings through the night and into Kaedes home, where it seems to be the last straw for the impatient Inuyasha. Back at the Higurashi Shrine, Kagome storms through the house, determined to catch up her studies in time for the exam. Her brother, Sota, chases after her -- hes got news -- Kagome has company! Kagome walks into the living room and finds Inuyasha waiting to take her back to the past. Kagome angrily informs Inuyasha shes staying put in the present and taking her exam! Inuyasha seems quite content to wait at the Higurashis until Kagome's ready to go back with him. Cautious of her half-demon houseguest, Kagome orders Inuyasha to stay at home while shes at school. Unfortunately, Kagomes so distracted she leaves home without her lunch. Kagome?s Mom asks Inuyasha if hed take it to her at school. How could he refuse? The route to Kagomes school is pretty exciting for Inuyasha: he freaks out the local folks, busts a fleeing felon and saves a child from a burning building. He finally makes it to Kagomes school and perching on the ledge outside Kagomes classroom. Who knows what made her look up when she did, but Kagome is definitely not happy to see Inuyasha. To avoid his discovery, she hollers a sit command, earning Inuyasha a quick trip down to the schoolyard and Kagome, detention. Later, they hook up and Inuyasha completes his errand from Mom and delivers Kagomes lunch -- a bit worse for wear. Kagome resumes her cram session with renewed frustration. Exhausted, Kagome returns home to an excited family: Inuyashas exploits made the TV news! As the evening wears on, Kagomes fragile concentration wears out. Inuyasha?s fidgeting is major a distraction to her. Hoping Sota can keep him busy, Kagome asks her brother to keep Inuyasha company, so Sota drags him off for a bath. The bath idea ends badly, as Kagome is interrupted by Inuyasha and Sota bursting into her room covered by little more than soap bubbles. Food doesnt work well either. Mrs. Higurashis curry dish is too spicy for Inuyasha who once again, flees to the refuge of Kagomes room. The excitement finally dies down, and we find Inuyasha sitting on Kagomes bed, staring at her intensely as she desperately tries to study. Although hes quiet, Inuyasha is still a distraction, and Kagome suggests he try to get some sleep. Inuyasha sternly warns her theyre going back to the past the next day, test or no test. Kagome resumes her work; its too quiet. When she turns around again, she sees that Inuyasha has fallen soundly asleep, curled up on her bed. The next day at school, a sleepy Kagome stumbles through her exam. Later, returning to the past, a perky Inuyasha and a bleary, scholastically defeated Kagome greet their companions.

Episode 83

Aired: 8/19/02
Onna you ookamizoku to tsuki niji no yakusoku
The Female Wolf Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise
Sunset, and high on a cliff, a dignified wolf surveys the valley below. A sudden whirlwind materializes and young, fur-clad girl springs out of the maelstrom, kneeling in respect behind the creature. The shot pans back to reveal a line of wolves sitting at attention. The lead wolf signs and the entire group, including the girl, leap into action. Later that evening, we find Koga sparring with a group of strange wolves that have been chasing him. He yells at the wolves to ask them why they?re after him, and is answered by the girl from the cliff. Although the girl seems to know Koga, he hasn?t a clue who she might be. Hakkaku and Ginta arrive and recognize her as Ayame, granddaughter of the elder wolf of the northern mountains. Suddenly, it dawns on Koga who she is. Ayame tells him he?s been ordered to assume leadership for all the wolf tribes and she?s been sent to bring him home -- as her husband. Koga is clearly not interested in either proposition; besides he?s already ?engaged? to Kagome, and says so. Koga flees, leaving a puzzled and heart-broken Ayame behind. Daytime finds Inuyasha and the team still trying to locate Naraku. They?re stumped, but decide if they keep looking for the Shikon jewel shards, Naraku?s bound to surface. In another part of the woods, Ayame recalls how she and Koga met: we flash back to a younger Koga carrying the child Ayame on his back. Little Ayame took Koga?s joking promise to marry her when she was older, seriously. Now that Ayame?s grandfather needs to unite the wolf tribes using Koga?s strength and the Shikon jewels in his possession, Koga?s cavalier promise has become serious business. Koga, meanwhile, has arrived at the ruins of Naraku?s castle. He finds the evidence that Inuyasha has been there and fought with Naraku. Koga figures if he can locate Inuyasha, he can get answers and a clue to Naraku?s whereabouts and he takes off running. Down in the basement of the ruined castle, something slithers in the darkness, and it?s getting bigger... Later, Ayame and her pack have trailed Koga to the castle, where they just miss him! The thing from explodes through the ground and attacks Ayame and her wolves. The creature is a gigantic hairball with huge lips and razor-sharp teeth. Ayame and the pack barely escape, running for their lives. Eventually Ayame catches up with slowpokes Hakkaku and Ginta. They?re still running after Koga, unaware there is monster on their heels. The hairball catches up with the trio, but Ayame is able to repel it long enough for Hakkaku and Ginta to tell her a little about Naraku and the monster?s origins. Further up the road, Inuyasha senses Koga?s approach. On arrival, the first thing Koga does is pay his respects to Kagome. Koga and Inuyasha then engage in their ritual bickering over Koga?s unwanted attention to Kagome. The ?formalities? concluded, they get down to the business of discussing Naraku. Suddenly, everyone senses an evil presence. Hakkaku and Ginta sprint from the forest followed closely by the giant hairball. The hair creature wants the Shikon jewels, but Inuyasha isn?t backing down. Grabbing a lock of the creature?s hair, Inuyasha swings it around and then slams in back and forth before finally flinging it off a cliff. Koga, in the meantime, ?rescues? Kagome from the danger and carries her off to a safe place. Unfortunately it isn?t that safe -- Ayame is waiting for him, and ambushes Koga with a whirling leaf attack. She?s furious to see Koga with Kagome. Kagome is furious with Koga about telling Ayame that she?s his finance when she isn?t. Koga is furious with Ayame for butting in between he and Kagome. Ayame reminds Koga of his promise to marry her. In a truly sweet flashback, we see how Koga rescued little Ayame from the ?Paradise Birds?. To ease the child?s fears, Koga chats with her and promises to wed her when she grows up. Koga genuinely can?t remember any of what happened but the dejected expression on Ayame?s face gives the weight of truth to her story. Kagome believes Ayame and, sympathetic to her anguish, scolds Koga for hurting Ayame?s feelings by breaking such a sensitive vow.

Episode 84

Aired: 8/26/02
Chousoku no hanayome kouho
Koga's Bride to Be
Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango & Shippo pursue the abducted Kagome. Inuyasha fears for her safety while she?s with Koga, especially since one of Naraku?s monsters is in the vicinity. Kagome, however, is safe for the moment, and getting acquainted with Ayame. As Koga sits alone and pouts, Ayame tells Kagome why she?s after Koga to marry her. Her story is about trouble infecting all the wolf tribes. An evil force has spread down from the Northern Mountains where she lives, causing tribal discord. Ayame?s elder dispatched her with orders to bring back Koga as her husband. Using Koga?s strength, his possession of Shikon jewel shards and the credibility of a marital tie, the elder hopes Koga will restore the wolves? unity. Eavesdropping, Koga angrily blurts out he doesn?t want to lead the tribes nor does he want to get married: he wants to kill Naraku. He tells Ayame to go home; she has free will and she doesn?t have to obey every order from her elder. The conversation is cut short by the arrival of the big, hairy monster. Koga attacks, defending both Kagome and Ayame. Tentacles of demon hair whip out, grabbing Koga, and Ayame rushes to his aid, also getting snared by the dreaded locks. Kagome fires an arrow at Ayame?s bonds, managing to free her as Koga continues to struggle within his hirsute restraints. Inuyasha arrives in time to save Kagome and Ayame from another shaggy attack. Ayame watches Kagome and Inuyasha together and its clear to her why Kagome isn?t interested in Koga -- Kagome is with Inuyasha! Inuyasha and the entangled Koga proceed to argue over which of them is fit to protect Kagome, how come Inuyasha let the monster get away earlier, and that Koga doesn?t want to be rescued! As the debate rages, the creature drags Koga closer to its toothy jaws. The monster is hungry for the Shikon jewel shards with a side of Koga. Kagome realizing the situation, orders Inuyasha to rescue Koga despite their mutual protests. Inuyasha advances on the creature, but the hairball captures too, suspending him in its tenacious tresses. Sango, Miroku and Shippo arrive, greeted by the following scene: Koga, Ayame and Inuyasha shackled by tentacles of hair and Kagome, unharmed but perplexed. The creature tells the captive Inuyasha that he needs the jewels inside Koga to become whole in order to find and destroy Naraku. The hairball is angry at Naraku for abandoning him in his present condition. Unimpressed by the hairball?s whining Inuyasha breaks his bonds and frees Koga. Koga liberates Ayame and advances on the hairball, intent on mayhem. Cooler heads prevail when Miroku suggests they interrogate the creature regarding Naraku?s whereabouts, rather than destroy it. However, when questioned, the creature can only provide vague answers. Koga decides it?s time for it to go - permanently - hurling a blow at its massive mouth only to get caught again. Once more, Ayame rushes in to help and both wolf demons are swallowed by the creature. The monster?s joy consuming the jewels is short lived when a mighty kick from Koga pulverizes the hairball from the inside, raining bits of monster down upon all. Hakkaku and Ginta arrive just time for Koga to say his farewell to Kagome, enraging both Ayame and Inuyasha. Koga promises he?ll be back to make Kagome his bride, which makes her irate, too. She angrily reminds Koga about his proposal to Ayame, and how that comes first. Kouga has a flashback, attempting to remember how he might have proposed to Ayame. As Koga?s memory returns, he recalls rescuing young Ayame from the ?Birds of Paradise?, their conversation about making her his bride, etc., but tries to lie about not remembering the event. But Koga can?t fib, and admits to Ayame he does remember -- a little. Ayame tells Koga she understands about having to find Naraku and she?ll go home, leaving Koga to his task. Ayame warns him she?ll return: she?s not giving up on him or his proposal. Koga leaves too, resuming the hunt for Naraku. Later that evening, a solitary Koga reveals he remembers everything about Ayame and his promise, and hopes she?ll forget him -- his mission is to destroy Naraku, which may mean his death. Elsewhere, Ayame vows she?ll never forget Koga, or his promise. Under the same moon, Kagome and Inuyasha relax, discussing the events of the day. Kagome believes that if all of them, including Koga, work together, they?ll succeed in destroying Naraku. Inuyasha misunderstands the statement to mean that Kagome relies more on Koga than him, and Kagome accuses him of being jealous. As Inuyasha stammers a rebuttal, Miroku and the others show up just in time to encourage Inuyasha to respond to the jealousy accusation. Embarrassed, Inuyasha calls an abrupt halt to the discussion.

Episode 85

Aired: 9/2/02
Jyaki ga michiru oni no kubishiro
The Evil Within Demon's Head Castle
The team is on the road again when they sense a demonic presence and Inuyasha charges off to investigate. Nearby a little old lady clashes with a demon weasel. The weasel has the old lady down for the count when Inuyasha intervenes, cutting down the demon a Sankon Tetsusou attack. Confused, the woman mistakes Inuyasha for the demon she fought and pelts him with the magic powder she was flinging at the demon weasel. Miroku arrives just in time to restrain Inuyasha from smacking her while she continues peppering Inuyasha with the ?demon dust?. Later, after the excitement dies down, the gang and the old lady sit and chat. She reveals she?s a retired exorcist and tells the gang she?s come out of retirement since lately, the demon-busting business has been excellent. She?s heard rumors of a great demon possessing a nearby town and that the citizens are eager to be rid of it. The exorcist is on her way there and the old gal invites the team to join her on the journey. If they come with her, they can make some quick yen eradicating demons. Inuyasha attempts to take the high road, staying true to the Shikon jewel hunt and search for Naraku, but he?s no match for Miroku who smells a profit. He?s eager to exploit the situation for all it?s worth, so it?s off to the ?city of ghosts? to find the demon. The scene switches to nighttime, inside a palatial home. A noble-looking man transforms into a monster and brutally murders an innocent housemaid ... The next day, the exorcist and her ?team? meet with a city official about the demon problem. In an aside to Inuyasha, Kagome admits she?s feeling really uncomfortable because she senses evil all around them. Inuyasha feels it too, as do Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara. The old lady states she doesn?t sense a thing. As the meeting continues, a litter bearing a corpse passes by the group. The official admits it is another victim of the demon and a casualty of the headman?s household. That evening as the exorcist exercises, Inuyasha and the rest begin to regret coming along. The evil presence in the town is very oppressive to them; they want to get rid of the ghost and leave until the headman?s daughter appears. She?s a beauty and Miroku is suddenly eager to exploit that situation for all it?s worth. Before Miroku has a chance to make his move, the palace is attacked by a gigantic demon head. The team springs into for action, confronting the creature in battle. After Inuyasha?s Kaze no Kizu attack fails to destroy the creature, Miroku determines it?s an apparition, and vaporizes it with a supercharged sutra. Although they may have annihilated the apparition, the city?s chief is still under the influence of evil. Miroku, Inuyasha and the exorcist go to investigate. They observe the chief in his room and confirm he?s got a demon problem. Back in the visitors quarters the old exorcist tests her demon dust on the ethnically supernatural folks. Shippo and Kirara react to the power; sneezing and Inuyasha makes the old woman chase him, unintentionally helping with her daily workout. A messenger from the Princess interrupts the fun. The Princess has requested Miroku to come and rid her father of his possession. Kagome and Sango wonder why just Miroku, but Miroku?s okay with the solo invitation. With a flourish and a packet of demon dust from the exorcist, Miroku leaves to meet the Princess. The Princess leads Miroku into an eerie underground chamber where they stop at the edge of a pit. When Miroku shines his lamp into the hole, he sees it is filled with skeletal remains. The Princess tells him that the bones are those of Miko and Priests who have tried to destroy the demon and failed. Back at the rooms, the gang is makes their own discovery -- that the headman has turned into a demon and has gone on a murderous rampage. Back at the pit, Miroku finds himself paralyzed, discovering too late that the Princess is the true demon. She informs him his friends won?t be coming to his rescue because they?re busy fighting the headman/demon back at the palace.

Episode 86

Aired: 9/9/02
Iridai no hime no himitsu
Secret of the Possessed Princess
Miroku is down in the cave when the woman turned out to be a demon. He was paralyzed for awhile, and Inuyasha was busy fighting the manor lord that had transformed into a demon and was holding a woman captive. Inuyasha went to the to the room to fight him, while Kagome and Sango tended to the wounded. Sango suddenly realized Miroku might be in trouble so she and the old lady headed out after him. When they got down to the cave Sango was paralyzed but the old lady threw her dirt on the demon causing Miroku to get loose. He did a quick ward with his hand and sparks started hitting the demon woman. Suddenly her head was torn off and it flew away to go after Kagome who was watching over a princess.Inuyasha realizes the demon he was fighting was an illusion when it started staticing so he went down to fight the head. The head sucked up the soul of the princess and burst through the roof. Inuyasha used the Tetsusaiga, which slowed down the head and Miroku finished it off with the wind tunnel.

Season Four Episodes Summary

Episodes 87 to 101

Opening Theme: Owarinai Yume (65-95) & Grip! (96-128)
Ending Themes: Shinjutsu no Uta (86-108)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Episode 87

Aired: 9/16/02
Meguru Kikyo no kodogu na tabiji
Kikyo's Lonely Journey
It opens with the group walking in the rain and Kagome complaining that her butt hurts and that she wants to rest. Inuyasha mouths off, and Shippo defends Kagome who then "sits" Inuyasha. We then cut to Kikyo who is wandering along near a lake. She slots an arrow and fires it out at the lake hitting a giant turtle's shell. The arrow just bounces off and she begins to walk away. Suddenly the giant turtle's head comes out and tries to eat Kikyo, but she fires an arrow which rips it's way down the turtles throat and tears it apart. Nearby Kikyo is held-up by an old one-eyed bandit who tries to rob her. The old man grabs his chest in pain and collapses after Kikyo notices he is carrying a Shikon shard. The old man awakens in an old temple where Kikyo is caring for him. He begins to tell the story of how he used to be a very evil man who killed and burned villages when he was younger. The flashback shows him sitting around a campfire talking to his men. On of his men's face is never shown, but he is not wearing a shirt and has a giant spider scan on his back. The man and the bandit make an arrangement that he will kill Kikyo. Later we see Kikyo walking through a field as the bandit watches from above. He fires an arrow at her when suddenly Inuyasha leaps out, grabs the arrow and jumps up the cliff. The bandit pulls his katana and tries to kill Inuyasha. As he brings the katana down Inuyasha raises his hand to defend the hit causing the end to break off and go flying into the bandit's eye. Kikyo calls Inuyasha who leaves the man minus one eye, but no further harmed than that. A short time later the bandit, in a rage heads into town to find Onigumo, who he blames for costing him his eye. He tears through a hotel using a grappling hook to rip the doors down. Finally he locates Onigumo sitting with a large group of women. The women scatter as the bandit removes a bomb, lights it, and throws it at Onigumo. The bandit escapes and watches as the hotel is decimated by the blast. To everyone's surprise Onigumo survives, but is badly burned. They wrap him in a straw roll and throw him down a cliff. Back in the present a demon suddenly attacks the temple where Kikyo is caring for the old man. The demon is a large, pink ball with hair and many eyes. The old man uses an arrow tipped with his Shikon shard to wound the demon, and Kikyo fires the same arrow to kill it. The old man cuts off his top-knot and gives it to Kikyo as thanks and then dies. That night Inuyasha is woken by Kagome's sneezing. He offers her his coat and the two snuggle up together as the others watch while pretending to sleep. Kikyo encounters two woodcuters who direct her towards some distant mountains. She is carrying the old man's shard.

Episode 88

Aired: 10/14/02
Saru kami-sama no sanjorei
The Three Sprites of the Monkey God
Anyway, Miroku and Sango are off together and while they are away Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo are attacked by these three tiny shapechanging monkeys. Shippo fights the monkeys and they all change into various forms. The monkeys take Inuyasha out of commission by attaching a pebble to his hand that grows into a boulder. Unfortunately they don't know how to remove the boulder once everyone makes amends. Inuyasha has visions of Sesshomaru walking up to him and just taking the Tetsusaiga while Koga walks off with a giddy Kagome. Miroku and Sango imagine Inuyasha fighting youkai with the giant boulder and he gets frustrated when they start laughing about it. Kagome realizes that the boulder will prevent Inuyasha from travelling through the well so she can finally have some peace back home. Needless to say Inuyasha wants the boulder removed immediately, and Miroku offers to try sucking it off using his Air Rip, which worries Inuyasha. Eventually the little monkeys summon an older monkey who gets the rock off and everyone seems happy.

Episode 89

Aired: 10/21/02
Aitsu to ano omimai taiketsu
Nursing Battle of the Lovers
The episode starts off with the gang sitting in a little cottage after getting a night's rest. Inuyasha is raring to go, but Sango points out that Kagome is sick and isn't fit to do anything. Of course Inuyasha doesn't want to hear that and starts throwing a tantrum. He goes off alone and Sango and Miroku decide to take Kagome home. Sango helps Kagome to her feet as Miroku bends over slightly with a silly grin, when the girls notice him, he has his hands behind his back, ready to piggyback Kagome, but keeps making squeezing motions with his hands. Back home Kagome's friends come to check on her after they hear she is sick again. Hojo over hears them in in the school hallway and follows along behind them. He brings Kagome a lot of gifts, good luck charms and other things. They all hang out and talk, etc. Meanwhile Inuyasha seems to be having fun punching demons in the face and fishing and basically just horsing around. He finally starts to worry about Kagome and decides to head to the present to check on her. Sota is glad to see him, and he brings Kagome some special medicine, which she is leary of taking. After awhile they start talking, and Inuyasha puts her to bed. While she is laying there he starts rubbing her legs and then sits down on the floor beside her bed and looks through her photo album while she goes to sleep. The next morning she wakes up and realizes she is late for her test. Inuyasha tells her to get dressed and then races her to school on his back as he jumps from skyscraper to skyscraper.

Episode 90

Aired: 10/28/02
Omoikitta Sota no nikuhaku
Sota's Brave Confession of Love
Inuyasha is still in the present, and this episode seems to pick up the day after the previous one ended. Kagome gives Inuyasha a baseball cap so he can go to town with her (still barefoot and wearing his robes). People start staring when he presses himself against the glass windows looking at various kinds of food, so Kagome takes him to the supermarket. On their way home they see Sota waiting buying flowers and then trying to talk to a little girl named Hitomi. After dinner Sota asks Inuyasha to talk to him about how to speak to women. Inuyasha gets frustrated, and then Kagome walks outside when Sota is telling him "he loves him" (they were role-playing). After Kagome finds out what is going on, she dresses Sota up (like Det. Conan) and gives him some flowers. Hitomi turns him down though, and Inuyasha tells him to be a man and impress her. He shows him how to tear a tree down with one hand, so Sota half-heartedly practices that a little. Inuyasha winds up throwing him down on the rock sidewalk outide the Higurashi house after becoming very frustrated with his "I can't do it" attitude. Sota winds up asking her out again as Kagome and Inuyasha spy from the bushes. Hitomi accepts and she and Sota hug as the sun sets. Inuyasha and Kagome blush as they watch, then stare at each other before things become uncomfortable for them. The next day, Kagome and Inuyasha gather some groceries and head back down the well.

Episode 91

Aired: 11/4/02
Oyashii kitoushi to kuroi unmou
Suspicious Faith Healer & the Black Kirara
Some villagers are throwing rocks at Kirara. Upon closer inspection it becomes clear that this little cat creature is not actually Kirara. A young girl named Koume calls for "Kuroro" and then tries to take Kirara who is wandering around with Shippo. A strange looking priest (played by Issei Futamata, I'm pretty sure) keeps commanding the villagers to attack Kirara and Kurara whenever they come across them. They even throw stones at Miroku when he gets in the way. Eventually the priest is revealed to be a rat demon who is trying to get rid of the cat-like Kirara and Kuroro. Koume and Shippo wind up trapped in a cave with Kuroro's kittens and Shippo has to dig their way out before they run out of air. Inuyasha arrives in time to save Shippo from the rat demon, and Miroku uses one of his sutras to reveal the demon is actually disguised as a rock (earlier Inuyasha had used the Tetsusaiga on him, but it seemed to have no effect since what they believed to be him was actually an illusion). With the demon destroyed peace is restored to the village.

Episode 92

Aired: 11/18/02
Fukattsushita Shatachi no Yabou
Plot of the Walking Dead
Kikyo finds a young red-headed girl lying dead or unconcious by a lakeside. Kikyo uses her soul creatures to restore the girl, and is somewhat surprised when she realizes the girl named Enju knows her. Soon Inuyasha smells something familar and heads off to investigate leaving the others behind. They are concerned and follow him where they encounter many warriors made of pottery that were similar to the ones Urasue used. As it turns out they soon discover that this girl was actually an adopted "daughter" of Urasue's and was there when Kikyo was reborn. In flashbacks it shows how Kikyo killed Urasue and Enju can be seen hiding behind the rocks as her captor and "mother" is slain by the resurrected Kikyo. Eventually Enju falls is captured by a white haired general named Kawamura who was also brought back to life by Urasue. Kawamura wants his sister to create more clay soldiers for him to command. Eventually the group finds Kawamura and fight against his army. The general knows some magic and summons a giant demon to fight them. Inuyasha makes short work of the creature and Kawamura. Soon Enju and the group go their separate ways. Later Enju has set up home and another of Kikyo's demons comes by to give her another soul. Kikyo then walks away disappearing into the darkness of the forest.

Episode 93

Aired: 11/25/02
Shutsubotsusuru nazo no sukebei houshi
The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk
The group wanders into a village only to be halted by a group of villagers weilding hoes. In a rather sad showing, the group actually turns tail and runs away from the angry mob, who seem to be angry with Miroku. Sitting around the campfire that night, no one is sure of what Miroku did to anger the villagers. That night Miroku dreams of gallavanting with a group of women. The next day they wander into another nearby village and recieve the same welcome as the previous day. This time Miroku is tied up and the villagers begin to berate him. In flashbacks it shows Miroku selling crummy sutras to them that look like chicken scrawl on plain paper. When asked to exorcise a demon from a home, Miroku sets down his rice bowl slaps the sutra on the wall, mumbles, claps and then goes back to eating. That night he danced with all the women while the men sat by watching in frustration. Now everything that he sold them had turned to leaves. Miroku soon realizes what must have happened when the gang finds out he was supposed to go slay a demon in a cave outside of town. They rush to the cave only to find Miroku already there. The Miroku at the cave seems to talk big, but won't unleash his air rip on the weasel demon and seems to try to talk it into submission rather than kill it. After the weasel hits Miroku a few times he starts to look a little worse for wear. All of a sudden Miroku is short, and fat had has a large raccoon talk sticking out of his back. The real Miroku steps in and saves the phoney who turns out to be Hatchiemon, Miroku's tanuki partner. As Miroku chastises Hachiemon and then whispers something to him. Suddenly Hachiemon turns into Miroku again and the two run in a little circle ducking and hiding behind each other until no one is sure who is who. Then off to the village they happily run to meet the girls again.

Episode 94

Aired: 12/2/02
Shikon no Tama o tsukurusha zenpen
The Scared Jewel Maker Part 1
Everyone is sitting around in a field briefly remembering how the Shikon Jewel was first broken into dozens of pieces. Suddenly Kagome senses a shard coming from the edge of the forest and everyone goes to investigate. They find a man named Izumo being chased by a demon. Inuyasha quickly slays the demon, and is surprised to find the completed Shikon Jewel inside. No sooner does he have it than the jewel shatters into tiny grains and disappears. Izumo seems to know something about the fake Shikon Jewel, so he takes the group to a village. Watching them from behind a tree is a water demon named Orochidaiyu. When the arrive at the village they find a youngboy who tells them his village was attacked by Orochidaiyu one night when he was guarding the hen house. He is the only member of his village still around, as they rest were taken away. No sooner does he tell them, than Orochidaiyu arrives with demons in tow. Miroku tries to use his wind tunnel, but seems to be in great pain after sucking two of them. All of the demons have been promised fake Shikon jewels by Orochidaiyu if they do what he tells them. Everyone else makes short work of the creatures, but Orochidaiyu shows them another completed Shikon Jewel he is holding which causes them to follow him into the woods. He leads them into a cave where they find the boy's mother, father, and fellow villagers all inside giant frog eggs a frog demon guarding them. A huge bull demon drives everyone out of the cave and and outside manages to use it's club to level a cliffside they were all standing on as the cliff collapses with them.

Episode 95

Aired: 12/9/02
Shikon no Tama o tsukurusha koupen
The Scared Jewel Maker Part 2
Everyone got separated from Kagome who was with Izumo. He kept talking to her about the Shikon Jewel, while everyone else was fighting off hordes of demons in the forest. The demons wouldn't stop coming, so eventually they had to hide. Inuyasha refused to stay with the group and went alone in hopes of finding Kagome. Meanwhile as the sun set Kagome went into a temple with Izumo. She thought she found him sitting in a room, but when she touched his shoulder she realized it was a corpse. Once she went outside she was face to face with the giant bull creature carrying a huge club. Kagome learns that the bull, named Gyuuo is actually Izumo. Izumo is a half demon who transforms into a human by day and a demon by night. Gyuuo has used the frog demon and Orochidaiyu to trap all the others inside his frog eggs, in hopes of using their souls to create a real Shikon Jewel. Only Kagome and Inuyasha are left to fight the demons. Gyuuo swallows all the false Shikon jewels that were attached to his club which cause him to grow very large, but just as he was about to crush Inuyasha's skull in his fist, the sun rises and he begins to weaken. Inuyasha tosses him around and he eventually transformed back into Izumo. Because he ingested so many false jewels his now mortal body has failed him, and he dies as a human, something he had desired all along.

Episode 96

Aired: 1/13/03
Byoki ni natta ano Jaken
Jaken Falls Ill
Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin are traveling through a forest when Rin?s growling stomach breaks the sylvan peace. She?s hungry! Rin hops off the two-headed dragon she was riding, and heads off on her own, looking for something to eat. Sesshomaru orders Jaken to follow the child. A grumbling Jaken obeys. Inuyasha and company, is also the move. They?re headed past Jinenji?s home on their way North to find Naraku. Kagome wants to stop to visit her second favorite half-demon and had planned on bringing him a gift from modern times -- a bag of crisps. Unfortunately, all Kagome finds is an empty bag -- the crisps are gone, eaten by her first favorite half-demon -- Inuyasha! It?s also apparent Inuyasha thinks the visit is a waste of time, but Kagome and the rest veto him. Back at Sesshomaru?s group, Rin also finds a snack, but is interrupted by a large demon, which attacks her. Sesshomaru steps in and elegantly dispatches the creature, but instead of dying it dissolves into a swarm of Naraku?s Saimyoushou. Sesshomaru and company have stumbled onto a nest of the cursed insects. Sesshomaru destroys the nest, but not before several of the insects? sting and poison Jaken with their venom. If Jaken doesn?t find a cure for the toxin by sundown, he?s a goner. Sesshomaru departs, following the remaining insects towards Naraku, leaving Rin and Jaken on their own to deal with Jaken?s injury. The ailing Jaken upsets poor little Rin so much that she set?s off to find the antidote that will save Jaken?s life. The cure happens to be an herb grown by a fellow named Jinenji. Up the road, Inuyasha senses the approach of the same Saimyoushou that escaped Sesshomaru?s sword. The gang also decides to follow the insects to Naraku. As they close in on the demonic wasps, the insects drop dead out of the sky. Before they can figure out why that happened, Sesshomaru arrives and accuses Inuyasha of killing the creatures. Inuyasha denies any wrongdoing, but Sesshomaru believes his little brother is only making excuses as usual. Furious he?s lost another chance at Naraku, Sesshomaru draws Tokijin and rushes Inuyasha. They clash while Kagome and the others watch, more concerned about the brothers? relationship with each other than their sword fight. Rin, in the meantime, has arrived at Jinenji?s house. Jinenji and his mom are home, but Jinenji appears to be indisposed -- he?s a huge lump in bed, hidden entirely by covers. Rin tells them she needs one of their special herbs to save the life of a poisoned friend. Jinenji, however, can?t help her - this is his day of transformation. He?s hiding his human self and refuses to leave the safety of his home. But Jinenji takes a liking to Rin, who reminds him of Kagome, in appearance and spirit, instructing the child where she can find the special medicinal plant. Regrettably, it?s located in a very bad place for little girls, or anyone for that matter. Back at the fight between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru succeeds in pinning Inuyasha and prepares to finish off his baby brother when Kagome intervenes. She gives Sesshomaru critical information about Naraku whereabouts that placates him, and he lets Inuyasha go, taking his leave. Scene change to Rin, who has made it to the valley where the medicinal plant, grows. Jinenji was right -- it?s a place chocked full of hungry demons, steep cliffs, deep chasms and unstable ledges. On one of the unstable ledges grows the plant. Rin harvests the plant, but the ledge it?s on gives way underneath her, and she plummets into the chasm below. Sesshomaru arrives in the nick of time to catch her, rescuing her and the plant. They return to the waiting Jaken, who has just about given up. Sesshomaru tosses the remedy to the sick little goblin, much to Jaken?s fawning gratitude. Later than evening, Inuyasha and the gang arrive at Jinenji?s house, where Jinenji is back to his ?normal? self. He and his mom tell everyone about the little girl who called on them earlier, seeking an herbal antidote for a sick monster. Jinenji describes the child as resembling Kagome in both looks and sweetness of spirit. Kagome is flattered but Inuyasha tells Jinenji he is way off on his description of Kagome. The comment earns Inuyasha several consecutive ?sit? commands. Returning to Sesshomaru?s ensemble, Rin revives after her ordeal and discovers Jaken alive and well. Rin is delighted! Sesshomaru gathers his ?clan? together and set?s off for the Northeast, towards Naraku.

Episode 97

Aired: 1/20/03
Kaetekonai unmo
Kirara Come Home
Night time, deep in the forest and the gang is fast asleep around a roaring fire. Something moves through the tall grass towards sleeping campers and Kirara perks up at the sound of the intruder. The scene switches to the morning, and the team is going about his or her individual chores, but someone is missing, Kirara. Sango calls for her with no response so she asks the others if they?ve seen the feline. No one has seen the cat, nor do they seem overly concerned. Inuyasha tells Sango not to worry -- Kirara probably just went off by herself and she?ll be back on her own later. When later arrives, and Kirara fails to return Inuyasha is on the hot seat for his careless comment. Sango and the others initiate a search for Kirara, including forcing Inuyasha to try and ?sniff? out the cat, using the felines? food dish. The plan doesn?t work -- it looks like Kirara took to the sky when she left. Kagome asks Sango if she remembers if Kirara might have been upset about anything, but Shippo interrupts with his own theory as to why Kirara disappeared: everyone treated her badly. Shippo tells everyone to examine his or her behavior towards the cat. He then proceeds to run down a list of wrongdoings involving everyone on the team, starting with Inuyasha. When Inuyasha was using Kirara to practice his Kaze no Kizu attack, he accidentally fried Kirara?s fur, leaving her with bald spots. Shippo then reminds Miroku that us used Kirara shamelessly to attract pretty girls. Miroku also used Kirara to scare away unattractive women with her ?demon cat? performance. Kagome receives the next accusation: she promised Kirara canned cat food from modern times in exchange for a ride to the well so she could visit home. Instead of coming right back, Kagome took her time, leaving Kirara waiting by the well, and then returned without the kitty treats. Everyone apologizes to Sango for mistreating Kirara, but even Sango feels guilty, too. Sango remembers all the times she took Kirara for granted as a battle partner, giving the cat no reward, rest or gratitude. Everyone admits they?ve done something that could have offended Kirara, including dressing the feline in one of Kagome?s scarves the day she disappeared. The team strikes out once more, searching for the missing cat. During the hunt, they encounter a very large, hostile -- and hungry, monkey monster. They also find the scarf Kirara was wearing when last seen, in the monkey monster?s lair. Assuming the worst, they ask the monster if he?s eaten Kirara, but the big, stupid ape can?t remember. It?s even worse when, as they all fight the big dumb demon, Sango discovers a pile of bones that may be the remains of her feline partner. Inuyasha is just about to clash with monster when a furious Sango steps in and pulverizes the creature, taking her revenge. Next morning, Sango clutches Kirara?s dish to her bosom weeping bitterly in mourning. As the others try to comfort her, Inuyasha lets out a whoop of surprise -- Kirara just strolled into camp with Myoga. It seems Myoga borrowed the feline?s services for an errand. Myoga wonders why everyone was so worried about the cat: after all, he asked Shippo to tell the others where he and Kirara were going and when they?d return. Kagome asks Myoga about the scarf that Kirara was wearing when she left. Myoga recalls the cat?s scarf coming undone and fluttering off into the forest below. Shippo finds himself on the receiving end of the accusations for neglecting to relay Myoga?s message.

Episode 98

Doukutsu ni ha Kikyo to Kagome no futari dake
Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in the Cave
Kikyo is traveling through the forest when she hears the sound of a sobbing child. Outside a cave, the priestess spots a child, but before she can come to it?s aide it vanishes, and Kikyo is sucked into the cavern. Elsewhere, it?s lunchtime, and Kagome can?t catch a break about her culinary skill. Inuyasha has insulted her cooking again, and Kagome stomps off alone, into the forest, so her anger can cool down. As she walks, Kagome senses a Shikon shard nearby and discovers the same cave as Kikyo, earlier. A child?s voice beckons, begging for help and Kagome ventures inside and the opening seals after her. Inside the cave, Kagome discovers Kikyo and the source of the jewel shard; it?s hers. Kikyo appears to be the worse for wear and taken aback to see Kagome inside the cave. When Kagome asks Kikyo what?s wrong, Kikyo tells her they are inside a monster which consumes miko and they are powerless to escape. Kagome seems determined leave, despite the odds and, helping Kikyo to her feet, the two set off in search of an exit. As they hunt, Kagome makes one-sided small talk with the Kikyo about the one thing they have in common (besides a reincarnated soul): Inuyasha. Lots of uncomfortable memories of Inuyasha and Kikyo assault Kagome, and the subject is dropped due to Kikyo?s silence. Kikyo?s suffering brings Kagome back to reality; the priestess is becoming progressively weaker. Kikyo on the other hand, tells Kagome she?s impressed with the girl?s power: any ordinary miko wouldn?t have the strength to keep going. Kikyo advises Kagome go on alone, even handing over her bow and quiver of arrows, but Kagome won?t leave Kikyo behind. They are interrupted by the sound of buzzing, echoing off the walls of the ?cave?. Abruptly, the two women are attacked by a swarm of repugnant insect creatures. Kagome and Kikyo defeat the swarm combining their spiritual power, but the skirmish depletes Kikyo?s energy even further. In order to keep going, Kagome carries Kikyo on her back. Kikyo begins to understand Kagome?s strength; the girl draws power from compassion and humanity. In an unexpected moment of amity, Kikyo responds to Kagome?s earlier conversation, sharing some advice about loving Inuyasha. When the women arrive at the heart of the creature, they believe it can be destroyed if they strike at it?s ?heart? with spiritual power. Once again, Kikyo advises Kagome to save herself, but Kagome won?t abandon her. In the belly of the beast, Kagome attempts to figure out a way to defeat the creature. Kagome shoots at the beast?s core with an arrow bearing Kikyo?s single Shikon shard, with encouraging, but minimal damage. A bigger shard might work, so combining their powers, Kagome and Kikyo bond Kagome?s collection of shards together as one. Kagome fires again, piercing the creature?s heart and frees she and Kikyo. Before the women go their separate ways, Kikyo asks Kagome why she refused to leave her. After a pause, Kagome replies that if something happened to Kikyo, someone might be very sad, and walks away. Kikyo whispers an enigmatic ?and you, too,? watching Kagome go. As she emerges from the forest, Kagome is surprised to discover Inuyasha waiting for her. He?s clearly embarrassed Kagome caught him waiting for her, gruffly stating they should go back. As they walk back to camp under a canopy of stars, Kagome thinks back to Kikyo. Kagome seems just about to say something to Inuyasha, but thinking better of it, takes his arm, instead.

Episode 99

Aired: 2/3/03
Sesshomaru to Koga kiken sougau
Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter
Koga?s pack pals, Hakkaku and Ginta, are attempting to catch fish when little Rin stumbles upon their fishing expedition. Shocked to see the wolf pack, a terrified Rin runs to Jaken for help. Jaken waives his stick at the two wolf demons, demanding they leave. Hakkaku and Ginta strut their stuff, introducing themselves as the famous lieutenants of Koga, leader of the wolf demon tribe. Jaken isn?t impressed and introduces himself at the Chief Retainer for Lord Sesshomaru. Ginta and Hakkaku aren?t overwhelmed with Jaken?s claims either. They?ve never heard of Sesshomaru but, right on cue, enter the demon dog himself. Sesshomaru?s sheer presence sends the two wolf-demons and their pack, packing. Hakkaku and Ginta decide they?ll find Koga and tell him about the incident. Koga, meanwhile, is occupied exchanging the usual ?pleasantries? with Inuyasha while Kagome and the others watch and wait patiently. Their socializing is interrupted by the arrival of Ginta and Hakkaku, who were supposed to be hunting, but have returned empty handed. Kagome feels sorry for the wolves and gives Koga a bag of crisps, which aggravates Inuyasha all over again. While Koga and Inuyasha tussle, Hakkaku and Ginta tell Kagome about their meeting with Sesshomaru. Kagome gives them the background Inuyasha?s older brother: he?s a formidable and dangerous person. The wolf pack arrives, complicating the situation with more information: they remember attacking Rin, the little human girl now traveling with Sesshomaru. When the Inuyasha/Koga brawl concludes, Koga goes his way, followed by two extremely concerned minions. Ginta and Hakkaku drive him crazy attempting to divert Koga away from Sesshomaru, afraid Koga will start a losing fight with Sesshomaru because of Inuyasha. Their hints about Sesshomaru do nothing but irritate Koga, so he tells the two wolf-men to go home if they?re going to act stupid. Ginta and Hakkaku leave, sulking about how Koga yelled at them. They were, after all, just trying to help and save him from getting killed! Their pity party is interrupted by an attack from a big purple demon. As they flee, they remember what a good and dedicated leader Koga is, and recall their mission - to avenge their tribe by killing Naraku. They succeed in outrunning the purple demon, only to catch the scent of Sesshomaru. The two decide to intercept him before he gets to Koga, and Sesshomaru and his clan encounter the two young wolf-demons blocking their path. Although Hakkaku and Ginta have changed their choreography and speeches, Sesshomaru is not entertained. Koga arrives in the nick of time to spare the two wolf-men bodily harm. With his usual bravura, Koga remarks that Sesshomaru has the same scent as Inuyasha, and it?s not complimentary. Sesshomaru greets Koga?s taunts with silence, so Koga pushes a little harder -- this time Sesshomaru tells Rin to leave and moves towards the wolf demon. Before things get ugly, the big purple demon bursts out of the woods and tries to attack Koga and get his jewel shards. Sesshomaru draws Tokijin, pulverizing the beast and saving Koga?s life. It?s not over yet ... A huge demon centipede slithers out of the forest, poised to attack Rin. Koga races to the child?s rescue, vaporizing the creature. Both Koga and Sesshomaru pass each other, stating that neither required the other?s help and the two part company. Jaken is shocked Sesshomaru let them go, but Sesshomaru tells him they all share the same goal - kill Naraku. Later Hakkaku and Ginta sit with Koga and share Kagome?s ?gift? of crisps. The two explain why they were acting weird about Sesshomaru, and Koga tells then not to worry -- his fight is with Inuyasha, not Sesshomaru. On the other hand, if Hakkaku and Ginta think he would lose a fight with Sesshomaru, that?s another story ...

Episode 100

Aired: 2/10/03
Akuma no shinjitsu nageki no mori no tatakai
The Truth Behind the Nightmare: The Battle in the Forest of Sorrow
While wandering through a dying forest they group suddenly senses the presense of a demon. Out of nowhere a huge swarm of moths come flying through the bare trees. Inuyasha swats at them with his sword, and then suddenly sees a familar face approaching. It is Kuramaru, another moth demon. A quick flashback is shown of fully demonic Inuyasha killing the giant moth Gatenmaru. Inuyasha makes a quick attack, but he turns to see everyone has some blue ball of energy absorbing into their chests. Suddenly Kuramaru spins a cocoon around them all and then runs away. Inuyasha tries to remove the cocoons but to no avail. He chases off after Kuramaru who transforms into the giant moth creature. This time Inuyasha kills him just as quickly as he killed Gatenmaru. Inuyasha heads back to free his friends from the cocoons, but he still cannot manage to slice them open. Inside the cocoons everyone begins to have nightmares as they slowly transform into giant moth creatures. Sango dreams of Kohaku killing her friends, Miroku of his father being eaten by his Wind Tunnel, and then of accidentally sucking in Sango and Kagome. Shippo dreams of when he found his father killed by the Thunder Brothers, who then turn to hunt him. Kagome dreams of Naraku invading her time and attacking her school. Inuyasha continues to try and free them, but with no luck. Finally inside the cocoons everyone begins to dream of Inuyasha coming to their rescue. As they do they are able to awaken and rip free of their bonds.

Episode 101

Aired: 2/17/03
Are kara shichinen me no nagori yuki
The Snow From Seven Years Past
Miroku remembers being a young man and being caught in a severe snowstorm. He lays against a rock, imagining that he will probably die in the storm when a woman named Koyuki emerges from the blizzard and saves him. Suddenly Miroku is snapped back to reality when he is slapped in the face by Sango who was trying to swat a mosquito. He soon gets slapped again for pinching her on the bottom. Off on a hillside Kagome is showing Inuyasha the fireworks she has brought back from her time (one of the little fuses you often see people hold at festivals and things). A snow storm begins to come upon them so they seek shelter with Shippo and Kirara in a small cabin. Two peasants soon join them, but Miroku and Sango never arrive. Caught in the storm Sango soon sees Miroku once again sitting in the middle of the storm when Koyuki, the same woman from years earlier, comes to retrieve him. Sango tries to stop her, but she is waist deep in snow and Miroku seems to offer no objections and does not seem to see Sango. The peasants give Kagome some sake to take to Sango and Miroku to help warm them up when they find them. Kirara finds Sango buried deep in the snow and unconcious. Kagome gives her the alcohol and she soon comes around. She leads them off in search of Miroku who was taken by the woman, who they suspect to be a Yuki Onna. Meanwhile Miroku is lead to a large home where dozens of children are. He helps Koyuki care for the children. The others arrive and spy on Miroku through the gate and watch as the cradles one of the children. They are able to see through the illusion that Miroku cannot... the children are actually just two balls of snow. Tiny snowmen. The Yuki Onna sends a larger cat to attack them and it proves difficult to kill. Inuyasha slices it in half, but it keeps coming back together. Miroku soon sees through the woman's deception and Kagome tosses the remaining sake on the larger cat and then attaches one of the fireworks to her arrow causing the cat to catch on fire when the flame touches the sake. Inuyasha finishes it off, and the Yuki Onna dissapates. Miroku erects a small marker for her and leaves flowers while they make their way on their journey though the melting snow. He chooses to believe that the Yuki Onna was not Koyuki, and that she is still happy and alive somewhere.

Season Five Episodes Summary>

Episodes 102 to 115

Opening Theme: Grip! (96-127)
Ending Themes: Shinjutsu no Uta (86-108) & Itazura na Kiss (109-127)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Episode 102

Aired: 2/24/03
Bourei ni osowareta you ookami zoku
Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe
A grave cracks as Kohaku approaches it. He opens his hand to reveal he is carrying 7 Shikon shards. Ayame (Koga's anime only fiancee) meets up with the some other members of Koga's tribe when while they are being chased by a large group of demons. Eventually one of the wolves tries to get word to Koga, who is off with Ginta and Hagaku. By the time the wolf gets there he is seriously wounded and near death. He tells Koga what has happened and where the others are and then dies. Meanwhile Ayame meets up with Inuyasha and the others and tells them what has been happening. In the meantime two priests are walking through a wooded area. The younger man insists on turning back because of the rumors of a zombie in the region, but the older, confident priest is sure he can deal with any problems that may arrise. Suddenly the shadow of a giant creature emerges over the treeline. It has an oni in it's mouth and proceeds to devour it. The two men flee in fear while the large creature talks to Kohaku. Kohaku calls the man Kyokotsu and tells him it is his job to find more shards. Kyokotsu immediately notices that Kohaku has one and tries to kill him for it, but Kohaku quickly dodges and slices off his hand. Kyokotsu laughs it off and places his hand back on it's stump. Soon Koga comes across the demon who immediately desires the two shards in his legs. They battle it out, until Koga wrenches Kyokotsu's neck 180 degrees. The zombie falls but suddenly gets back up and grabs Koga. As Ayame, Ginta, and Hagaku watch, Koga rams his hand into Kyokotsu's forehead and rips out his Shikon shard. The creature's body begins to wither and die. Naraku's saimyosho return the Shikon jewel to Kohaku who is talking to someone else. Another member of the Shichinin-tai who has come back to life- Jakotsu.

Episode 103

Aired: 3/3/03
Shichinin-tai Yomigaeru
Revival of the Shichinintai
Inuyasha and the others are walking when they come across a few peasants standing in a field talking. Miroku goes and asks them what is going on, and they explain the rumors of the Shichinin-tai grave being destroyed and the men coming back to life. Down the road a ways Kirara suddenly reacts to Kohaku's scent and carries Sango off with her. Sango meets with Kohaku who is sitting in a tree with Naraku's wasps. At first he seems to be struggling to remember her, but he soon lashes out and tries to kill her. Sango refuses to fight back and tries to reason with him, until a smoking cloud begins to cover the forest floor. Kirara instinctively carries Sango away while Kohaku seeks higher ground in a tree. Cackling in a nearby tree is the hooded figure of Mukotsu. A group of samurai are charging down a road when they see a weird man up ahead. They come to a screeching halt when the Jakotsu absentmindedly refuses to get out of their way. He tells them he is the zombie they have been looking for and the commander orders his men to kill Jakotsu. The men take a knee and point ancient flintlock guns at him. Jakotsu is legitamately curious about what the men are pointing at him, when they fire off a round. Inuyasha smells blood in the air and begins to head towards the area where Jakotsu was just shot. Meanwhile Jakotsu is still standing, examining the bullet wound to his shoulder. The men prepare to shoot again, but this time he unleashes Jakotsuto, his trick sword. The blade quickly kills all the samurai. By the time Inuyasha arrives Jakotsu is still standing in the road, but has picked up one of the guns and is staring curiously down the business end of the barrel. Once he realizes that this person is -the- Inuyasha that he has been looking for he bursts out in a giddy glee over how cute he is. Miroku steps forward and gets the same treatment. Having heard enough he gets ready to unleash his Air Rip, but Kagome tells them that Jakotsu has a Shikon shard imbedded inside him. Inuyasha is going to have to cut it out, and so they begin their battle. Jakotsu seems to have the upper hand as his blows come from every direction. Inuyasha parries his blow and realizes that Jakotsu's sword can unfold many times allowing it to move like a snake. Jakotsu begins to gain the upper hand as he slices Inuyasha quite a few times. Sango arrives and uses Hiraikotsu to tangle Jaktosu's sword. Jaktosu's becomes livid that a woman would interrupt his fight and slices Sango's arm. This gives Inuyasha enough time to dash forward and punch Jakotsu hard enough to send him flipping backwards quite a few feet.

Episode 104

Aired: 3/10/03
Shinobiyori dokutsukai Mukotsu
The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu
Inuyasha and Jakotsu are battling it out when a short stocky figure appears on the ridge above them. Suddenly the area is filled with smoke and as soon as it touches Inuyasha his foot begins to burn. Jakotsu immediately flees as do Inuyasha and the others. In another part of the forest Sessho-maru, Rin, and Jaken are on the trail of Naraku, as they recall how Kohaku almost killed Rin. Shippo and Kagome head for a nearby well to refill their water supply when they come across a group of villagers that have died from the poison cloud that has appeared. Mukotsu, the poison user of the Shichinin-tai appears and captures Kagome when she falls to his poison. He manages to hold Miroku and Sango off, but Shippo escapes to go find Inuyasha who is off chasing Jakotsu. As this happens a peaceful Buddhist temple has a strangely dressed guest arrive. It is Renkotsu, another member of the Shichinin-tai. He immediately proceeds to kill all the monks living there. Deep in the woods Inuyasha is battling it out with Jakotsu. Shippo arrives and tells him Kagome is in trouble. Inuyasha heads back immediately, but Jakotsu tries to pursue him. Shippo crashes his flying toy horse into Jakotsu covering him in tiny screaming mushrooms. Meanwhile Mukotsu has taken Kagome into a village hut. She is semi-concious and he draps a cloth over her head and pretends that they are getting married. He dances around with her a bit and Kagome notices the shard in his throat. Miroku and Sango come crashing through the roof with Kirara, but Mukotsu makes quick work of them with his poison. Suddenly Kagome stabs him in the throat with pincers from the fire place and he bursts into tears over her betrayal. He punches her hard in the face and then starts to choke her to death when the back wall explodes revealing... Sessho-maru. Mukotsu tries to fight off Sessho-maru but his poisons are completely useless on the powerful demon. Sessho-maru kills him without batting an eye just as Inuyasha arrives. Unnoticed one of Naraku's wasps carries off Mukotsu's Shikon shard. Back at the temple Jakotsu and Renkotsu meet up to discuss what has happened and if either one of them has actually met Naraku. Renkotsu points out that only "elder brother Bankotsu" has met him. Jakotsu comments that only 4 of the Shichinin-tai are alive still and Renkotsu corrects him telling him there are still five (Jakotsu starts counting on his fingers to be sure). Deep in the forest the next killer from the Shichinin-tai arrives... Ginkotsu the machine man.
Episode 105
Aired: 3/17/03
Bukimina hagane no e soubi
The Strange Unfolding-Steel Weapon
Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kirara carry Kagome, Miroku, and Sango to safety after they were poisoned by Mukotsu. As they make their escape someone is hunting them as saw blades fly out of the thick woods. Inuyasha leaves everyone in a cave while he goes in search of the villian. In the distance he sees a shining object but realizes it was a decoy to lure him away. Kirara does her best to hold off the killer, Ginkotsu, but falls just as Inuyasha arrives. Ginkotsu manages to fire a few shots at the cave causing Inuyasha to order Shippo and Kirara to evacuate everyone. Meanwhile, Renkotsu is finishing burying the priests he murdered as Jakotsu hits the road in search of Inuyasha. Ginkotsu uses his saw blades and wires to keep Inuyasha from unleashing the Scar of the Wind but Inuyasha is able to get above him and use it to collapse the ground beneath him, crushing him. Kagome awakens in a temple where Shippo has sought shelter. The monk caring for them has a Shikon shard in his throat, but she is too weak to warn anyone. The monk is actually Renkotsu, and he places some insense that makes them fall into a deep slumber.

Episode 106

Aired: 4/14/03
Kagome, Miroku, Sango, zettai zetsumei
Kagome, Miroku & Sango in a Dangerous Situation
Inuyasha arrives at the Buddhist temple where Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo are resting from the poisoning. There he meets Renkotsu, who has disguised himself as a Buddhist monk. He interrogates Inuyasha as to what he knows about Naraku, and attempts to learn what he can about why Naraku is after the Shikon shards. Myoga flies on the back of a crow and notices the giant gashes in the ground where Inuyasha's Scar of the Wind buried Genkotsu. Suddenly Genkotsu digs his way out and heads for the temple. Inuyasha hears a cannon shot outside and Ginkotsu is standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. They begin their battle again, but this time Renkotsu joins in. Inuyasha did not suspect him of being a Shichinin-tai member, and it has cost him dearly. In the distance he sees embers of fire floating into the night sky. Renkotsu left Inuyasha's unconcious companions to burn to death. Elswhere Koga, Hagaku and Ginta are making their way through the countryside when they encounter Jakotsu. Koga and Jakotsu battle it out, to a standstill, but when Koga picks up Kagome's scent he rushes off leaving the battle unfinished. Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga is wrapped in chains by Ginkotsu and his is covered in flames by Renkotsu. A giant drill emerges from Ginkotsu's stomach, but in a bit of quick thinking, Inuyasha releases the Tetsusaiga and the taut chains cause it to go flying into Ginkotsu's stomach while chains lock up his drill. Inuyasha breaks free of Renkotsu's wires and slices Ginkotsu to pieces before rushing off to help Kagome and the others. Shippo has been doing his best to keep them save, and he erects a small shield. Kirara tries to help as well, but her injuries tire her out quickly. Naraku's wasps swoop in to gather the remains of Ginkotsu and carry them off while Renkotsu examines the shards he took from Kagome. Inuyasha arrives at the burning temple and Shippo gives him the sad news... they have all stopped breathing.

Episode 107

Aired: 4/21/03
Hajimete miseru Inuyasha no namida
The First Time I saw Inuyasha Cry
Inuyasha arrives in the burning temple and Shippo tells him they have all stopped breathing. He is shocked and in a fit of rage he uses the Scar of the Wind to blow the remaining flaming debris away from everyone. Myoga arrives and they carry the bodies out to a field by a stream. Shippo is in a constant crying fit, and Inuyasha blames himself for their apparent deaths. Sessho-maru momentarily arrives to chide his younger brother, but disappears before Inuyasha can strike out at him. In a cave Renkotsu is forging a new body for his injured comrade Ginkotsu, while Jakotsu sleepily looks on. Myoga tries to come up with an idea about how to save them, and Shippo says that last time they were poisoned Jinenji helped save them with his herbs. No herbs are available now, so Myoga sets out to suck the poison from them himself and revives them. Kagome wakes in Inuyasha's arms and everyone is shocked to see tears welling up in his eyes. Koga soon arrives and screams at Inuyasha for so recklessly endangering Kagome's life. This time though, Inuyasha does not disagree with him, which surprises Koga and leaves him with little to argue about. In a distant town, Kikyo arrives carrying the lock of the old theif's hair that she promised to take to Mount Hakurei. The villagers show her the broken shrine erected for the Shichinin-tai, and she meets the local doctor Suikotsu. He seems to be a very kind man who loves children, but Kikyo immediately notices he has a Shikon shard in his throat. The shard though is pure, rather than tained like those Naraku has. She notices a strange unease in the doctor though when a man comes in with a severely cut leg and needs treatment. He seems nervous around blood and after finishing with the patient he vigorous washes his hands even though they are are perfectly clean.

Episode 108

Aired: 4/28/03
Kegarinaki hikari no himitsu
The Secret of the Pure Aura
Late at night Kikyo wanders into the woods alone to feed on souls from her Soul Skimmers. She thinks over why a good man like Suikotsu would have a Shikon shard, and wonders why he seemed so uncomfortable around blood. Inuyasha and Miroku talk late into the night while the others sleep. They recount which of the Shichinin-tai have already been killed, and how. The next day Kagome says she can sense the presense of a Shikon shard and leads them to Suikotsu who is gathering herbs with two young children. Inuyasha attacks him, and the children become angry. Miroku decides that this plan isn't going to get them anywhere. In the village Kikyo is tending to Suikotsu's patients when an elderly man comes to talk to her. He tells her that there was once a member of the Shichinin-tai named Suikotsu as well, but he was an insane killer. Kikyo asks if they are the same person, and the old man seems mildly offended she would even suggest such a thing. As Inuyasha and Miroku stand around thinking of what to do next, a huge explosion and black smoke is spotted coming from the village. Suikotsu has already returned and stands beside Kikyo when Renkotsu and Jakotsu arrive, riding on the new and improved tank body of Ginkotsu. Inuyasha is shocked to see Kikyo there and then the battle ensues. Kikyo almost kills Jakotsu, but he dodges at the last second, and a shot from Ginkotsu's cannon wounds her causing many souls to spill out of her body. Inuyasha has his hands full dealing with Renkotsu, when suddenly the two children Suikotsu was with earlier run onto the battle field to try and protect him. Jakotsu notices them and decides to kill them. Suikotsu jumps into his blades path to save the children and is wounded severely. He hugs the children, but both Kagome and an injured Kikyo notice the glow from his Shikon shard has turned dark. Suddenly Suikotsu grabs one of the children by the throat and tries to strangle him. Inuyasha snatches the child, but Suikotsu annouces he has returned to the Shichinin-tai.

Episode 109

Aired: 5/5/03
Kiri ni kakereta Hakureizan he mukae
Heading to the Misty Mt. Hakurei
Renkotsu tosses Suikotsu his claws and Inuyasha must fight him hand to hand since he cannot reach Tetsusaiga. Suikotsu manages to get quite a few injuries inflicted to Inuyasha. The others are helplessly looking on as they are surrounded by Renkotsu's flames. Jakotsu sneaks up on the children and prepares to kill them, but when Suikotsu sees this, his head starts to hurt and Jakotsu realizes his doctor persona is trying to emerge again. Renkotsu figures out it is because they are so near to the pure barrier surrounding Mount Hakurei. Renkotsu commands Ginkotsu to run over Kikyo, who is lying unconcious from the mortar shell that landed next to her. Inuyasha has his hands full with Suikotsu, so Miroku has to make a daring last second save. Inuyasha manages to get Tetsusaiga, prompting the Shichinin-tai to retreat. Everyone goes to check on Kikyo, but they notice that her Soul Skimmers are being destoryed as they approach her due to the barrier of the mountain being so near. Inuyasha carries her off into the woods away from the barrier, and they share a quite moment while the others look on. The next day they follow in pursuit of the Shichinin-tai, while Kikyo stays behind. Kagome is not wanting to talk to Inuyasha, and Miroku tells him to give her some space. Of course he ignores Miroku and starts demanding to know what Kagome's problem is. She winds up telling him to "sit!" quite a few times in a row. The Shichinin-tai arrive at a cliff overlooking a large castle fortress where they finally meet up with Bankotsu, their long absent leader. His first order of business is to retrieve his halbeard that was taken by the lord of the castle when they were killed 10 years ago.

Episode 110

Aired: 5/12/03
Shichinin-tai no shuryou Bankotsu doujou
Enter, Bankotsu: Leader of the Shichinintai
Bankotsu sits atop a hillside overlooking a castle and attempting to write a threatening letter. Unfortunately he is illiterate, so when the rest of the Shichinin-tai arrive he asks Renkotsu to do it for him. The remaining five members of the group have reunited and seem quite pleased to all be back together again. They recount how it was this castle that they are looking down upon now where they were trapped and killed. When they were slain, Bankotsu's precious halbeard, Banryu was taken by the daimyou as a token of their victory over the Shichinin-tai. Now Bankotsu wants his blade back. Elsewhere Inuyasha and the others have finally arrived at the base of Mount Hakurei. Shippo and Kirara seem to be the worst off as the barrier has overpowered them and knocked them unconcious. Inuyasha tries to pass through but is elecricuted until he turns back. Even Miroku, a human, says the barrier's intensity makes him uncomfortable, while Sango and Kagome say they cannot feel a thing. They try to force Miroku to go throught the barrier, but he flees in terror before they can. The Shichinin-tai make quick work of the castle guards and Bankotsu storms into the palace to find his halbeard. He's very pleased to see to be reunited with his old partner and proceeds to cut off a few heads. After ransacking the castle, they stop in a small village for some refreshments. Bankotsu complains that they could have had their way with some women, but Jakotsu murdered them all. Just then Koga arrives ready to settle the score with the Shichinin-tai for poisoning Kagome. Five against one are bad odds, even for Koga, and he is barely able to dodge all the attacks hurled at him. Just as Bankotsu seems to be ready to strike the deathblow, Inuyasha arrives and parries Banryu with the Tetsusaiga.

Episode 111

Aired: 5/19/03
Gekitotsu! Banryuu vs Kaze no Kizu!
Clash! Banryuu vs. the Wind's Scar
As Koga is becoming overwhelmed by the attacks of the Shichinin-tai, Inuyasha and the others arrive in the nick of time to save him. He seems a little resentful, but Bankotsu is certainly glad to meet up with Inuyasha, who he has heard so much about. The two go at it immediately, and Banryu and Tetsusaiga seem evenly matched. Meanwhile Jaken and Rin are waiting for Sessho-maru to return. He has picked up Kohaku's scent and is still holding a grudge for the last time they met when he tried to kill Rin. Jaken babysits Rin while he is away, but she spots Kohaku and follows him through Mount Hakurei's barrier. Because it is lethal to demons, Jaken and Sessho-maru cannot follow after her. She follows the boy into a cave and he notices her. She is happy to see that he is his nicer self rather than the way he was when he tried to murder her. Inside the cave they are shocked to find a horde of small demons, and a mysteriously wonder how they could have penetrated the mountain's barrier. Back at the battle Renkotsu realizes that Kagome can see his shards. He has two in his body and four that he stole from her at the temple. If Bankotsu finds out, it could cost him his life. Renkotsu decides to try to kill Kagome in the melee, but Koga manages to save her. Miroku and Sango have their hands full with Suikotsu and Jakotsu respectively. Eventually Naraku's hell wasps arrive and while Bankotsu pays attention to them, Inuyasha unleases the Scar of the Wind. Everyone expects Bankotsu to have been killed, but by hiding behind his massive blade he manages to survive. Banryu, his halbeard, has seen better days though. It has a large gash in the blade. The wasps instruct Bankotsu to leave and then a familar face bursts from the ground... Naraku. Inuyasha makes short work of the Naraku puppet and Koga dashes off to catch the Shichinin-tai. Inuyasha plans to follow, but Kagome stops him. The remains of the puppet are unusual. They have none of Naraku's miasma, and they also smell like flowers. It's essence is very pure, unusually so. The fleeing Shichinin-tai soon come across a small girl in the mist. It's Kanna with Kohaku. Bankotsu is extremely angry that he was not told about Inuyasha's dangerous technique that almost killed him. When Kanna starts to speak, Bankotsu angrily slams his massive blade into the ground mere inches from her face and points to the nick in the blade. Kanna tells him to use the extra shards to repair and power-up his Banryu. Bankotsu was unaware of any excess shards, but Kanna tells him that Renkotsu is carrying them. At first Renkotsu plays dumb, but when he is staring down the business end of Banryu, his attitude changes. With the blade powered up, Kanna shows them Sessho-maru in her mirror. He needs to be dealt with, and Bankotsu decides to send Jakotsu and Suikotsu to handle it.

Episode 112

Aired: 5/26/03
Konen ni ukabu shoushima no kekkai
The Barrier of Hijiri Island, Floating on a Lake
From a lakeside village, a middle-aged man and young boy witness a strange light burst from the nearby forest, streak across the sky and ?crash? into a small island in the middle of the serene lake at the foot of a mountain. The man is head of the village and keeper of a holy shrine located on the island, Hiriji Island, at the base of sacred Mt. Hakurei. Ancestral duty decrees he must go and check on the shrine?s safety. The boy, his son and heir, Shintaro, asks to join him but the father refuses: if anything happens to him, Shintaro inherits the responsibility for both the village and shrine. Shintaro watches fearfully, as his father sails off into the mist of the lake. Elsewhere, Inuyasha, Miroku, Kagome & Shippo explore near a small stream. Inuyasha is literally trying to ?sniff out? the source of Naraku?s latest puppet which had an unusually ?pure? scent of flowers and water. While the land search continues Sango and Kirara search by air. Approaching Mt. Hakurei, Sango and Kirara try to break thru its purity barrier, only to end in a dramatic crash. After rejoining the team, Sango reports the sacred mountain?s barrier is very strong, confirming suspicions Naraku is very close. The team decides to investigate the lake by Mt Hakurei. Back at lakeside village, two weeks have passed since Shintaro?s father went to the sacred island, but he hasn?t returned. Shintaro begs the village elders to for a boat so he can go to the sacred island and look for his father, but they refuse. With impeccable timing, enter Inuyasha and company, who join the conversation in time to hear the enticing word ?sacred ?: they want to know more. Shintaro takes them home for some story exposition and to meet his three lovely sisters. Shintaro explains that for over 100 years, his male ancestors were entrusted with the care of the shrine on Hijiri Island, a task assigned by the great priest Hakushin, a Living Buddha. Over the years, only Shintaro?s male kin can set foot on the holy island without fear of being cursed. Shintaro tells the team about his father?s failure to return from going to investigate the weird light. All signs point to Naraku, so it?s off to Hijiri Island with Shintaro. (But not before Miroku makes his usual proposition to Shintaro?s three lovely sisters, earning him the ?baka bash? of the week from Sango-chan!) During the boat trip across the lake, Shippo and Kirara become weak and drained. Shintaro explains Hakushin?s spiritual energy created a purity barrier around Mt. Hakurei that not only cleanses human sin, but also eliminates evil energy and ?purifies? demons (as in ?poof?, gone!). Kagome wonders how Naraku could be involved with something so opposite, and deadly, to his evil demonic nature. Arriving at the island, Inuyasha, Kagome & Shintaro, forge ahead, forcing their way thru a milder, local purity barrier and land in a field of flowers. Inuyasha recognizes the same floral sent as Naraku?s puppet. Shintaro remarks the flowers weren't there before, and Inuyasha senses a trap. The others arrive just as Shintaro also notices Hakushin?s shrine is in ruins. Running towards it, he trips over the skeletal remains of his father. Examining the corpse, Miroku determines it?s the work of Naraku?s youkai. Kagome suddenly senses a presence of Shikon shards. Split seconds later, Bankotsu bursts out of hiding from the ruined shrine brandishing his Shikon-enhanced halberd, Banyruu. Yep: trap, all right! Evil Bankotsu isn?t too comfortable on the island, either, thanks to the barrier: he?s cranky and eager to resume his fight with Inuyasha. They engage, and Inuyasha tries to use his Kaze no Kizu attack, but it won?t work because of the barrier: the katanna?s been purified. Inuyasha is at a dangerous disadvantage and he struggles to hold his own against Bankotsu. Shintaro races to the shrine to pray for help from Hakushin with Kagome hot on his heels. When they arrive, they discover the remains of the great priest are missing! If priest wasn?t generating the island?s new barrier, who or what, is? Enlisting Miroku?s help, Kagome and Shintaro scramble for answers while the battle between Bankotsu and Inuyasha rages on. They need to find the source of the barrier, so Miroku borrows some ?demon power? from the ailing Shippo by touching a batch of o fuda (prayer papers) to the child?s head and flinging them to the winds. The o fuda find their target -- the source of the barrier is a dokko - altar equipment used Hakushin. Acting quickly, Miroku and Shintaro bust the seal around the dokko and end the purity barrier. The flowers vanish, all the demonic types feel better, and the Tessaiga's demon power is restored (a ?win-win? for Inuyasha!). Problem is, Bankotsu is feeling perkier, too. Now the barrier?s gone, it can?t cramp his style, either. He?s ready to finish off Inuyasha with the super-charged Banryuu.

Episode 113

Aired: 6/2/03
Shounaru dokko to chikashimi butsu no nazo
Mystery of the Dokko of Hijiri & the Sokushinbutsu
The island purity barrier may be gone, but the situation remains grim: Bankotsu is eager to conclude his fight with Inuyasha. Although injured by the earlier pounding, Inuyasha responds to Bankotsu?s taunting by releasing his Kaze no Kizu attack. Bakotsu blocks with his own special attack, the Banryuusen - the Banryuu Flash. No problem: Inuyasha tries to use his Bakuryuuha attack. Big problem: Bankotsu may be evil, but he?s no demon, and the Bakuryuuha attack won?t work on him. As the dust settles, Inuyasha searches for a weakness in Bankotsu and his weapon. The overly confident, Bankotsu provides the answer himself by bragging about the Shikon jewel repair to Banryuu. Kagome senses the shards within the weapon have been corrupted, and coaches Inuyasha to aim his Bakuryuuha attack at the weapon, and not the warrior. Before Inuyasha can launch the attack however, Bankotsu releases a particularly nasty attack of his own: the Ryuuraisen, or ?Dragon Lightening Flash?. Calling down a storm of lethal lightening which surpasses even the late Thunder Brothers best efforts. Bankotsu opens up the sky releasing all manner of electrical mayhem onto the good guys. When the smoke clears, our heroes are down for the count. The only one still conscious is Inuyasha, who is in extremely rough shape. Bakotsu continues to taunt him, preparing the final blow, which gives Inuyasha just enough time to get really mad. Before Bankotsu can finish him off, the angry Inuyasha fights back with vengeance. But, just when the battle turns in favor of the good guys, Hakushin?s dokken (the alter piece, remember?) flies thru the air, collides with Tessaiga and renders the katanna powerless again. Bad for Inuyasha but good for the rest of the team: the collision releases purifying, healing energy that revives the Kagome and the others. As they recuperate, the unfortunate Inuyasha has to fight a lethal foe with a dysfunctional weapon ... again! Bankotsu tries to deliver yet another final blow to Inuyasha (this time for sure!), when a glowing arrow pierces his sword arm ?purifying? Bankotsu?s flesh from wrist to elbow. While Bankotsu broods over his injury, the dokko starts to pulse with power, creating a new barrier and transporting Bankotsu away from the island. He and the dokko both disappear leaving Inuyasha and team others left with more questions than answers. Bankotsu finds himself in a misty room, feeling lousy. Two small figures emerge out of the mist: Kohaku and Kanna. Although he asks them where he is, Bankotsu gets no answer, so he follows the children further into the building ending up in a shrine room. On a platform sits a figure which Bankotsu realizes must be the remains of Hakushin, the priest he?d heard Inuyasha and the others talk about. Hakushin: the holy man responsible for creating the purity barrier surrounding Mt. Hakurei. In series of quick cuts: Inuyasha and the gang take Shintaro home, and say their goodbyes. This gives Miroku a last opportunity at the three sisters, only to be thwarted again by Sango. (Nice to see another couple enjoying a dysfunctional relationship...) We also catch up with Koga and his chums, Ginta and Hakkaku. They?ve been pursuing the Shichinin-tai towards the mountain, too, and Koga just knows they?re hiding inside Mt. Hakurei?s barrier. He?s determined to find and destroy them. Elsewhere on the mountain we discover Sesshoumaru, Jaken and Rin have arrived. On a high cliff, overlooking a misty valley, Jaken suffers from the purity barrier; Rin enjoys the scenery and Sesshoumaru broods, reflecting upon Naraku?s odd strategy involving the sacred mountain. Flashback to Kikyo, as she says her farewells to the children of Suikotsu?s village and starts her journey to Mt. Hakurei. As Kikyo nears the mountain, her strength wanes. Meanwhile Inuyasha and Kagome stand at the base of Mt. Hakurei. Inuyasha can feel the growing strength of the barrier. Although it?s seems impossible, they all sense Naraku is hiding on the mountain somewhere, somehow. Inuyasha can?t chase Naraku safely into the barrier because he?s half demon. Neither Koga nor Sesshoumaru can pursue him there, because they?re full demons. Even Kikyo can?t enter the barrier. The purity of the mountain protects Naraku from all his adversaries however humans can enter the barrier, so Sango & Miroku volunteer scout the mountain and locate Naraku?s whereabouts. All Inuyasha and Kagome can do is watch while Sango & Miroku leave on their mission, and trust they?ll be all right.

Episode 114

Aired: 6/9/03
Tetsusaiga no kokou naru tatakai
Koga's Isolated Battle
Koga races through the mist of Mt. Hakurei followed closely by Hakkaku, Ginta and the wolf pack. Hakkaku and Ginta complain they are exhausted from running, frustrated by the barrier, and just want to go home, but Koga is on a mission and he won?t give up. While Koga lays down the law to the beta wolf demons, Renkotsu and Ginkotsu observe the pack from within the safety of the barrier. As Koga rants, the Shichinin-tai open fire, aiming for the Shikon jewel shards in Koga?s legs. Elsewhere on the mountain, Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara wait for Sango and Miroku to return from their reconnaissance. The barrier is starting to have a bad effect on Inuyasha, and he struggles discretely to fight it without alarming Kagome and the others. Shippo wonders how Miroku and Sango are doing, especially since Miroku is alone with Sango. Koga?s bravura wears thin in battle as the two Shichinin-tai continue to bombard him with cannon fire. They are protected from counter attack by Mt. Hakurei?s demon-proof barrier. All Koga can do is dodge the deadly salvos, and try to lure his adversaries out into unprotected open ground. Koga continues to evade incoming fire from the Shichinin-tai while Hakkaku and Ginta watch helplessly. Renkotsu adds his flame attack to the fracas as Ginkotsu continues to pepper Koga with mortar fire. When the smoke clears, Koga is gone! Certain he?s blown to bits, Renkotsu and Ginkotsu move outside the barrier to retrieve Koga?s Shikon shards. Koga bursts out of hiding, launching a surprise attack of his own. He?s ready to destroy the Shichinin-tai by removing their Shikon jewel shards. Koga places himself between the Ginkotsu, Renkotsu and the barrier cutting off their retreat. Though deprived access to the barrier, the Shichinin-tai point out they can go anywhere, but Koga is trapped against a demon-lethal barrier. Ginkotsu releases another barrage of mortar fire as Koga rushes Renkotsu, and slashing him, in an attempt remove his Shikon shards. The attack on Renkotsu makes Ginkotsu really mad. Ginkotsu undergoes a sequence of mechanical changes as he prepares his retaliatory attack against Koga. Amazed, but not daunted, Koga launches himself directly at Ginkotsu, who counters by launching his upper body back at Koga. They clash in airborne fury until gravity takes its toll and they crash to earth. Ginkotsu is wrecked, but he has one last offensive maneuver -- a self-destruct mode. He explodes, taking Koga with him. On their part of the mountain, Inuyasha senses something bad. He grabs Kagome, Shippo and Kirara without much explanation and they speed off towards the disturbance. More bad guys converge upon Mt. Hakurei -- Jakotsu and Suikotsu. They?re have an objective ... At a much quieter part of the mountain, Sesshoumaru, Jaken and Rin stand before a rope bridge. Before they can cross, Sesshoumaru senses a presence, leaps into action and is immediately attacked by Jakotsu?s Jakotsutou -- Snake Bone Sword. The new Shichinin-tai objective is to eliminate Sessho-maru. Cut to Renkotsu, staggering through the mountain mist. He holds a Shikon shard, which Ginkotsu fired off to him, before he self-destructed. Renkotsu grasps the jewel tightly as he mourns his comrade. Inuyasha, Kagome and the little ones arrive at Koga?s battleground. There are pieces of Ginkotsu everywhere, and Hakkaku and Ginta cry hysterically over Koga?s body, which is pinned beneath Ginkotsu?s wreckage. Ginta and Hakkaku are certain Koga is dead. He certainly looks dead, but after a little coaxing, Koga regains consciousness. He?s badly injured but alive. Even Inuyasha, is relieved until Koga grabs Kagome?s hand -- and the usual reaction from Inuyasha threatens -- however, in a remarkable display of maturity, there is no necessity for Kagome to issue a ?Sit? command. As Inuyasha surveys the physical and emotional damage inflicted on Koga and the others, Inuyasha renews his oath of vengeance against the Shichinin-tai and Naraku.

Episode 115

Aired: 6/16/03
Suikomareru kuroi hikari
Swallowed by the Black Light
Sun filters down through the dense, misty forest canopy. Kikyo travels alone in this enchanted wood, her thoughts consumed with Naraku and his presence at Mt. Hakurei. Kikyo is not alone in this mystic landscape; up the path, Bankotsu sits and mourns fallen comrades with sake, bitterly confronting his own renewed mortality. Angry and resigned, Bankotsu picks up Banryuu and resumes his journey of death and destruction. He crosses paths with Kikyo: each senses the other?s identity and Kikyo challenges him to fight. Bankotsu accepts. Kikyo, however hesitates, asking Bankotsu why he chose continue an evil life again rather than use the gift of the Shikon shards to reform for the better. Bankotsu answers that he likes the way he is, bloodthirsty. He believes there is nothing after death and when you?re dead, you?re dead. Kikyo takes exception to his statements but Bankotsu tells her to mind her own business. Shouldering Banryuu, he says his good bye and suggests they both try to live as along as they can. On the slopes of Mt. Hakurei, Sesshomaru confronts Jakotsu at the edge of a hazy gorge. Sessho-maru recognizes Jakotsu?s scent as belonging to the Shichinin-tai and Jakotsu knows Sessho-maru is related to Inuyasha. Jakotsu makes the mistake of declaring that fact as he commences his attack on Sessho-maru, who powerfully retaliates. Concerned that Rin will be caught in the battle, Sessho-maru orders Jaken to remove the girl from danger. Jaken takes the child, and they start to cross a suspended bridge to the other side of the chasm. The escape is short lived: Suikotsu approaches the pair ominously from the other side. While Sessho-maru gracefully dodges and attacks Jakotsu, Jaken struggles with Suikotsu. The feisty goblin manages to ward off Suikotsu with his ninja stuck, but at a price: the flames from his weapon severely damage the bridge. As Jaken and Rin flee back to Sessho-maru, Suikotsu strikes again and the bridge collapses plummeting the three into the vapor below. Sessho-maru eludes Jakotsu?s final attack winning the bout and humiliating the miserable ronin. He wastes no time jumping into the abyss to rescue Rin. Jakotsus shame being beaten by Inuyasha?s brother turns his thoughts back to confronting Inuyasha personally: that makes Jakotsu happy. Jakotsu, however, is the last thing on Inuyashas mind; he, Kagome, Shippo and Kirara are transporting the wounded Koga and pack-mates, Hakkaku & Ginta to a safe place so they can heal. Not even Inuyasha knows where they are going -- just that they have to find somewhere secure where the Shichinin-tai cant attack Koga for his jewel shards. They race on, looking for shelter. Back at the bottom of the gorge, Sessho-maru discovers a river. The scent trail reveals that Rin was carried away, but he finds Jaken. The goblin is scuffed up, but revives when its time to brown-nose the boss. Sessho-maru sets off in search of Rin with Jaken following on his heels. It turns out that Rin was carried away, but not by the river - Suikotsu has her. Suikotsu appears to be back to his Good Dr. mode, putting the child at ease as they return to his village and the other children. Scaling Mt. Hakurei, Miroku and Sango discover a cave and enter to explore. Kohaku and Kanna observe them. Also recently arrived near the mountain is Kikyo, who picks up the energy of Suikotsus jewel from the nearby village. At Suikotsu's house in the village, the orphans cautiously greet his return. Jakotsu has followed him to observe, disgusted Suikotsus Good. personality is back. Jakotsu is thrilled and the orphans appalled as they witness Suikotsu suddenly slaughter a group of visiting villagers. Rin uses the carnage as an opportunity to escape but is snared by the lurking Jakotsu. Sessho-maru travels towards the village, too, having picked up the sent of the Shichinin-tai -- where they are, Rin is sure to be. Kikyo also converges on the settlement, deeply concerned for safety of Suikotsus orphans. At the village itself, Jakotsu is delighted that Suikotsu has regained his killer personality; so is Suikotsu. The claw-handed Shichinin-tai is poised, ready to shred the orphans to bits. Suikotsu is about to strike the deathblow when he is paralyzed as Kikyos image flashes on his mind

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